Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Charlie Sheen? C'mon People It's Not WINNING

It took an unfathomable disaster in Japan to finally get Charlie Sheen off the least temporarily. How sad. The world has become a frenzied atmosphere in which being a celebrity somehow means they have something important to say, and we all need to survive by digesting every bit of minutia that spews from their mouths.

Thousands of people have died, hundreds of thousands are homeless, radiation is leaking at an alarming rate, and Charlie Sheen is selling tickets for a live show. And, he is selling them out. What in God's name can he possibly have to say that is worth spending cash on? Why not take that money and donate to the Red Cross or Salvation Army or any other charity you choose. It just makes sense that you will feel better about yourself after donating, than walking out of that theatre after listening to a lunatic.

Think about it.