Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Shop Rite Saga

As I do almost every Friday around noon, I do the shopping for the weekend at the local Shop-Rite. Now we are getting close to both the Easter and Passover holidays and the store was a bit more crowded than usual. Add in a shuttle bus of senior citizens and getting through the aisles gets to be a bit challenging.

Usually this store has sufficient cashiers, so the lines aren't too long. This is a large store with probably close to twenty check-out lanes. Yesterday, they had about half opened, a few more would have been nice. But the problem was not in the volume of people, but rather the stupidity of the cashier protocol.

With one woman already 3/4 through checking out and another with a small order in front of me, I thought I had picked a decent line. Not unusual for me, I was mistaken. There was an error in the first woman's order which caused a void. Damn. In this store the cashier cannot just say 'oops, my bad', make the correction and everyone goes on with their lives. No, he needs to call over the roving floor attendant to put her key into the machine, push a couple of buttons and walk away. Not too bad if she isn't busy or if she is in freakin' earshot of the cashier.

This happens so often it's not even funny. The check-out area is the length of a runway at JFK and this cashier with the voice of a mouse is calling from the far end "need the key on 17." Ok, but Miss I-Have-The-Key is on register 1 and can't hear you. So we wait, and we all look in the same direction for this magical woman to appear. Now if it was me, I would be screaming every 20 seconds "bring the damn key"...but they never do. They call once, and wait a good 5 minutes to call again. Last time this happened, a woman left the line, ran over to the courtesy desk and had them announce it on the intercom...else we would still be waiting there.

And when this woman arrives with the key, does she ask what the problem She just sticks the key in, punches in a code and walks away. So if it doesn't matter what the issue is, why does she need to do this?

The same thing happens when they need change. "Need change on 12"...and did ya not think about that before you ran out of singles, fives and tens?

I don't get it. I worked in a store as a cashier a hundred years ago, before the register told you how much change to give. Back when you actually needed to know how to add and subtract. And you kept track of what was in your drawer so the line never stopped. Seems to me the easier things become, the stupider people become.

Next Friday really starts the holiday grocery store insanity. Will things go any smoother, I doubt it. But this week instead of checking out which line to pick, I'm going to look at which cashier might have the biggest mouth.

Can you hear me now?


Friday, March 30, 2012

Tales From The Island: Part 1

A couple of things brought me to the subject of today's blog.

Sunday in the music blog, I did a post about Loggins & Messina's "Sittin' In" album. On that album, is the song "Vahevela". The line...and when we stayed off the coast of Jamaica brought back some memories of a long time ago. Then today, my fellow blogger Jim Wood posted a story about a not quite near death experience.

Getting the picture?

The story of Jamaica has several tales to tell...all in good time. Today's story is the one where we thought we would not get out alive.

Six of us had gone down there to attend the Reggae Sunsplash festival. Three days of music from dusk til dawn. You bring a small tent if you want, so if the fun and neighboring aromas overtake you, there's somewhere to take a nap. Everyone at the show would relax on Reggae beds AKA pieces of cardboard the locals would sell you, so you weren't on the ground. A fun time to be sure. Everyone friendly, great music, a grand party.

I think it was the first night we attended when it was time to leave, not quite sunrise...we got a cab. Not a real cab, those don't really exist. Just someone who owned a car and made money by shuttling tourists around. Don't quite remember how many of us got into the car, probably five of the six. As we told the driver where we were going, he said he needed to get gas. Ok, no problem mon.

As we drove forever...nothing is close and where the hell are we anyway...the area began to take on a slightly unwelcoming look. Closer now to the shanty towns, we pull down into an area surrounded by live chicken coops and a few frightening looking people. oh oh, this is not good. A car full of spaced out tourists with nowhere to run, no phones to call for help and no one between us who could even put up a fight.

As we looked at each other with sheer terror in our eyes, a man came over to the car...talked to the driver and walked away. Coming back, we could see something in his hand. A bottle of gas. Yes indeed, a freakin bottle of gas. He proceeds to put it in the gas tank, the driver pays and we leave without incident.

As we all breathed a sigh of relief, I think we realized just how easily a moment in your life can change things. That night we did what hundreds of other tourists into a car with the expectation of a ride to the hotel...and that's what we got.

Just with a large taste of fear and a gut full of panic. Didn't stop us from doing it again the next night.

After all, it's worries. Irie.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Soup...Is It Really?

Not feeling 100% today. Woke up at 3 with a sore throat couldn't fall back to sleep so at 4, I took a shower. Welcome to the life of an insomniac. After the shower, I was able to get another hour of sleep...better than nothing.

Several cups of tea always helps. Funny when you don't feel well your cravings get weird. Soup of course heads the list of "make me feel better" foods. But I never end up with nice homemade soup (who really has it just waiting for the day you really need it?) No, I go with the cheap shit...Cup 'o Noodles. Though in looking at the cup, there is no "o"...just Cup Noodles. You know the dehydrated crap in a styrofoam cup...yum.

It's probably the massive amount of sodium (1060mg to be exact) that does it. It makes you so thirsty you end up drinking gallons of water and poof...your body start to kick ass again. But have you ever looked at the ingredients in it...seriously not a good idea. Chicken soup right?  Well number eight on the ingredient list is powdered chicken...WTF is that? in talcum, pampered chicken; I think not. And quite frankly, I don't think I want to know. I gotta tell you that is one ugly ingredient list.

Now that I have consumed a host of ates, iums and things that are yzed...yes I am beginning to feel better. A cure for what ails me... all it cost was 44 cents and with all the chemicals I've just consumed...a year off my life.

I live in Jersey, you think a little cup of toxic brew is gonna scare me?


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Going To Hell Along With The Rest Of You

"tonight the sweet devil, the sweet devil's got my soul."

Indeed, he has.
The temptation began a few months ago. Seriously got back into writing, and as I have been told by most everyone I know...I have a big I began to tweet. And almost 1400 tweets later, I have been sucked in by the other social networking vacuum... Facebook.

You cannot imagine the total disdain I have for it, yet the apparently weak woman that I am, now has a FB page. Why you ask? The devil made me do it.

Everyone I know has one, did I want to keep up with But there are certain things that have become a giant pain in the ass if you don't have one. Like seeing friends photos, or when you also have a music blog...following news on musical groups you are interested in, or are researching. So, I made the pact with the Prince of Darkness..and we're not talkin' Ozzie.

I am now everywhere...for all the world to see. It's funny, because what I do love about tweeting is that it is kind of anonymous. Sure you have a name, but unless you are famous, does anyone really pay attention to who you are? No, because it doesn't matter who you are... just what you say. But facebook is all about who you are. Who you like, what you do and when you do it. Trust me, it ain't that interesting.

Now I am new to this FB crap, so the page is a definite work in progress. Don't be expecting to see family vacation pictures there, it's mainly a vehicle for the Kat's Theory brand. Though knowing how I can be tempted so easily, at some point there may be revelations not usually expected. But will anyone really care? God I hope not.

So today, if you have nothing better to do..check out the Kat's Theory page. And like it (what the hell does that even mean?) if you want. You know my attitude.

I personally don't give a...

Have a nice day.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cooking With Kat: Cook Today, Eat All Week

I like to cook. I just don't like to cook during the week. Even though I work at home, I hate walking away from my computer to do any cooking during the week. So, time permitting I try to get a few dishes prepared on the weekend. Leftovers...the gift that keeps on giving.

Some people hate brother is one. Like feeding him something that the dog threw up. Some meals taste better after they have sat a day or so and the flavors blend...some don't taste quite as good. Luck of the draw, but if I don't need to stand in front of the stove M-F...I'm all in.

Last weekend was the big road trip, so no cooking. Pizza, take out and something already cooked from the freezer got me through. So yesterday, the corned beef that didn't get cooked for St. Patty's was on the menu. Enough for an extra meal during the week, as well as a meal-on-wheels to my parents. nice.

Today,with tunes inspiring me, already rockin' some breaded boneless chicken thighs in the oven, some veggies, and just finished sauteing some peppers and onions to go with the chicken pieces now browning. Add a little fresh tomato sauce...yeah baby, eating good all week.

Besides food, got a lot cooking this week. Heavy research, lots of correspondence to get through and as always, hanging out in tweetville.

Feeling good about the next few days. Will I have six numbers in the Mega Millions drawing on Tuesday...probably not. But I will have had a decent weekend in the rear view mirror...and some food on the table. Throw on some music, add a glass of wine and a quiet night at makes it all worthwhile.

Six numbers would make it epic. Just saying.


Friday, March 23, 2012

It's Not The Normal Noise In Here

Yes indeed, the weather has been great. Past few days... get in the truck, roll down the windows, open up the it's just wonderful. That is, until I actually start driving. You see, the truck is in its final days. And this baby ain't exactly purring.

In a previous post called "Driving a Boat on Dry Land.", I talked about getting rid of my 87 year-old father's 1985 Buick Regal. Well, the apples in my family don't fall far from the tree. I do believe that my brother still has his 1996 Caddy, my mom has a 1998 Chevy and I'm driving a 1997 4-Runner with over 170K miles on it. Apparently we feel the need to get our money's worth.

Now that 4-Runner was very sweet in her early years, but time has taken a toll, and well the old girl is a bit creaky. Last year she started to squeak. She sounds like somebody is having a grand old time on an old spring mattress. I just turned up the music. See, we just wanted to get through the winter with her. Oh yeah winter, well there wasn't one, so the time is getting near to ditch the bitch.

And did I happen to mention about the tailpipe? Yeah, the one that's just about rotted off. I no longer hear the squeaks because the noise from the lack of tailpipe is so freakin' loud. I just turn up the music a bit louder. The problem now, is with the weather so nice, I have windows down, sunroof opened and it's so damn loud I can no longer hear the music.

I'm thinking it's time we got our act together and started making a conscious effort to look for some new wheels. Preferably something with bells and whistles...but nothing that sounds like a large boat in dense fog.

Doesn't the volume go up any higher?


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Tebow Effect: Why Us?

Well here we go.

Apparently playing for the Denver Broncos and being as close to heaven as one can be in an NFL city, was not God's ultimate plan for Tim Tebow. Now he will be playing in the swamps of...yeah baby Jersey. Is this where I'm supposed to say "thank you god"? Not feeling like we've exactly been blessed.

For the foreseeable future, my beloved sport... baseball is going to be off the radar in the NYC area. You have no idea how much this pisses me off. It's gonna be non-stop Tebow-Time. How he stinks, how it will affect Mark Sanchez, how the rest of the team feels about it, how the fans are already going ballistic over it. A friend from work is already contemplating losing his NY Jets license plates and floor mats, and repainting his green & white room.

I'm sorry but Derek Jeter has a strained calf...let's get our priorities straight. had your season in the's time to "put me in coach, I'm ready to play."  I need my boys of summer to be front and center. Add in the fact that the NY Knicks have become exciting all of a sudden and the NY Rangers have already clinched a playoff spot...and talk of spring training suddenly becomes an afterthought on the evening sportscasts.

And then here we go with the comparisons of squeaky clean Tebow and GQ man-about town Mark Sanchez. The question does he or doesn't he, will have nothing to do with coloring his hair. And seriously...why do we care? Shouldn't the only person who you should be concerned about whether they're getting any or you?

This whole thing makes me wonder whether this whole trade is God's way of punishing Tebow or the Jets?

Batter up.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Trip To Danville: Almost Showtime

For the first two parts of the story of the road trip to Danville, check out:
On The Road Again: The Trip To Danville along with
And So It Began...The Trip To Danville

Timeline Saturday March 17, around 2 pm. Danville PA

Checked into the hotel, looking like we were staying for a week instead of overnight. Two cooler bags filled with supplies, a bag with wine glasses (plastic cups..I don't think so. We bring champagne and crystal glasses when we tailgate at Springsteen concerts at the Meadowlands), and a small electric espresso maker (doesn't everyone?). Add some clothes and toiletries...well jersey girls don't travel light; we travel prepared.

After having a quick beer, out the door to check out the venue and grab some lunch. At the club, ran into Bob Richardson from the band Hybrid Ice, whom I had interviewed last month. Spent some time talking with him about what to expect for the show later that night. Those details only made us anticipate the evening even more.

Running a little later than we were expecting, we decided to grab a bite at one of the chains near the hotel. Please tell me how you have a new bartender working alone on a St. Patty's Day? The servers were lined up like rush hour traffic going into the Lincoln Tunnel.

Back to the hotel, relax a bit and get ready for the show. Finally get to meet the first of my two tweetville friends, this one drove in from Ohio...did I say crazy lady? Yes, indeed...but a girl after my own heart. If there's good music, don't stand in our way.

So, you always know when you stick out like a sore thumb. Walking up to the venue, we kinda got the "they're not from around here" look from the crowd waiting for the doors to open. Yes, north jersey ain't exactly nearby. It's really just the attitude...actually we are pretty harmless...unless provoked. At that point, we found our other friend from Twitterland and walked in (with a little help from the band) to claim our spots for the night.

With plenty of time before the show, it was fun to actually talk with the people I have been tweeting with for months. Nothing earthshaking, I think we pretty much knew what to expect from each other. Amazing what you can learn about each other in 140 characters. Also, with two of us writing blogs, there's not much in our lives that isn't addressed in public.

The people of Danville could not have been nicer; enjoyed talking to them and enjoyed the $2 price tag on the beers. You ain't getting that in jersey.

Lights go down...
The Music in Danville: First Up, Hybrid Ice followed by The Music in Danville: Jimi Jamison Rocks Hard


Sunday, March 18, 2012

And So It Began...The Trip To Danville

The Road Trip.

After picking me up at the weekend house, the Drum-Mamma and I began going over the supplies each of us had packed. Beer, wine, champagne on my end (hey, ya just don't know what you might be in the mood for) and snacks and a few surprises at her end. Oh, by the way she said. I brought some vodka shooters along with this new cranberry with sparkling water drink.  Without missing a beat, I asked "did you bring a lime?"  Now most people might think that was a bit over the top. After all, this is an overnighter where we will be spending quite a lot of time out of the room. And you really need the lime?

Well, yeah. The fact that the Drum-Mamma tends bar made me fairly certain my questions would be answered with a twinkle in her eye. Indeed it was. And as I sat on my butt and watched her mix a perfect afternoon cocktail, it reminded me of so many other moments over the years, where one of us so perfectly complemented the other.

The ride to Danville was pretty easy and the two hours were filled with reminiscing of times past. It's always so interesting to hear the different memories people have of a specific event.  Not that you remember what occurred differently, but what was memorable to you. Sometimes walking in a door at a different time creates an impression in your mind, that another person might totally miss.

And then there are the things that you both remember. And you laugh. This night was to be filled with many new memories, new friends and much fun.

But I knew that we were destined to have a great time as soon as she said there would be a wedge of lime in my cocktail.

And that's called jersey prepared.

To read the music reviews of the night check out:
The Music in Danville: First Up, Hybrid Ice and
The Music in Danville: Jimi Jamison Rocks Hard


Thursday, March 15, 2012

On The Road Again: Next Stop Danville

To say I'm looking forward to this weekend is an understatement of global proportions.

It's been a while since I've gone on a 'girl's night out' road trip. And this trip gets the team back on the road... together. AKA Mona and Sylvia (a private joke where the names have been changed to protect our relatives). Pack up the car with the a bag of essentials, some snacks, booze and this time around...instead of a boombox, an Iphone and speakers. Nice.

So, along with spending what is for us, an unusually large block of time together, I am also looking forward to meeting some people with whom I have a new type of online one, cultivated through mutual interests. It is one of those interests which is the reason for the road trip. A rock concert...yes indeed.

Now my friend, the drum-mamma and I are veterans of the rock and roll concert scene. It was music that first formed the bond between these two Jersey Girls back when Springsteen's band was just him and the boys. No retreat, no surrender.

The who, what and where of the show have previously been mentioned in tweets and in blogs, but those facts are not what is important. The events will play out in days to come on both this blog and the music blog. I shudder to think of the possible things I will be writing about.

But this Saturday, four people coming from three directions will arrive at an unfamiliar destination, wildly contemplating whether the evening will live up to expectations. With the chance to share the night with similarly crazy people all feeling the fire of rock and roll in their hearts..I think we've got a good shot.

Fill up the tank know us Jersey Girls don't pump gas.

Road Trip...maybe one for the ages.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Can You Spare A Square?

Apparently, in Jersey...not so much.

In what seems like another epic New Jersey political battle, the Trenton NJ city council is refusing to approve a paper products order. Now, it's not that the council doesn't think toilet paper and hand towels are necessary to the health & hygiene of city's the $4,000 order for paper cups that has produced the stalemate. No one it seems, wants to say why they need $4K of them.

Now, having lived in Jersey most of my life, I take pride in our politics. Kickbacks, nepotism, no-show jobs...most of us grew up believing that's the way it was done everywhere. And everything ran smoothly until a while back when the media started sniffing into how business was conducted and boom...just like that, things in the state went to shit. Ok, I may exaggerate just a bit. But trust me, back in the day there would have been plenty of TP to go around. It probably would have fallen off a truck and rather than see it go to waste, our elected officials would have gathered it up and doled it out a small fee.

So today, as the infamous Seinfeld episode of Elaine in the bathroom stall begging the woman next door for just one sheet of toilet paper plays out in Trenton, city workers must remember not only to bring their lunch from home..but a roll of toilet paper as well.

You can't make this up.
God I love Jersey.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Technology 1, Idiot 0

So as expected the bright shiny mood of Thursday got shot to shit today.

Left the laptop on last night, no big deal unless it is. As I started the morning ritual of emails, tweets, checking the blogs for comments and stats, it seemed the computer was running a little lot slow. Ok, let restart, and get it back to the happy place.

Windows update. Needs to install 52 updates. Fifty-freakin-two updates. And why could they not install say 20 the day before or even 30? Gotta wait for 52? And really, what do these updates ever do for me? I can't say as any update has made my computer run faster, better or made any program I've used more...usable.

Well, at the installing update 14 of 52, it stalled...waiting, waiting. After waiting for 1/2 hour I did the unthinkable and shut it down.  Patience is a virtue apparently not found in my genetic make-up. Stupidity as I've said before, can be found in extremely large quantities. I know it says not to shut off the computer while it is updating, but it says "Please don't..." I consider that an option to which I can reply, "That's ok, I will anyway." Guess not.

Starting it back up, it seems Windows now needs to reconfigure itself. Bite me. Another 1/2 hour. Eventually, technology triumphs over human brain cells and I begin the day...just a little later than expected.

So, now I know the computer is just being polite by saying please. It rules my world and I must obey. But sooner or later this little baby will be old and obsolete, and no amount of saying please on its part will make me shed a tear as I break it in pieces.

Technology wins today...
but this human is just waiting, waiting.
Gotta get me a hammer.


Friday, March 9, 2012

One Drink Too Many or Not Enough

Apparently there is a new study out which has determined that women who drink moderately have a lower chance of stroke than women who do not drink. Hearing this new report didn't cause me to jump up and down, though I do admit my feet started tapping right away. But as always when they give a report like this...the other shoe has to drop.

Define moderately. Well, it seems the definition of light to moderate drinking is one drink a day. Huh? In what bar did these people take up residence. Moderate drinking means one In each One, numero uno, flying solo, a lonely glass of your preferred beverage. So much for the good news. The bad news is there is the opposite effect when you drink more than one. uh oh.

And they know this how? See this is where I start taking all these studies with a grain of...barley. I never understood how they can push aside all other factors of genetics, lifestyle choices, area of residence and so on, and tell me as fact that if I have two drinks tonight, someone's gonna find me on the floor in the morning. It's too convenient if you ask me.

Now there are certain studies I do believe in. Like the one about chocolate being a life force...that I could have told them without wasting millions of dollars.  But if your gonna talk to me about bacon or booze, you better come at me with more than a one is good, two will kill me approach.

All this talk has made me thirsty. Gonna grab a second beer. If you don't see another post tomorrow...maybe that study was right.

Or maybe I'm just a little hungover.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

So I'm In A Good Mood. What's It To You?

As unlikely as it is, I'm in a really good mood today and I can't figure out why.  Other than it being an exceptional day weather-wise...I have no reason why my attitude is...well not bad. To tell you the truth, it's a little unsettling for me.

Now it's not that I'm usually in a bad mood, far from it. I am a glass-half full kind of girl...just with a bad attitude. But just now I took a walk and actually said hello to people on the street. THIS IS JERSEY. Trust me, that sort of thing is frowned upon. I guess it's something in the air, because people actually said hello back.

Listened to some great music today, always good for the soul, as well as the mood. Tweeted, talked and IM'ed with those that matter...and it's only early afternoon. We are supposed to get some rain later tonight, but tomorrow is Friday...weekend baby. So today I have nothing to bitch about...kinda leaves me speechless.

Enjoy it while it's here,cause just like that first robin of spring...this good mood will be gone, gone, gone. And unless I hit the lottery...that mood ain't coming back any time soon.

Life IS good.
But it could always be better.
hmmm...feeling more like myself already.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nothing Like Being Board: Monopoly

Wednesday. Hump Day. Getting closer to the weekend. Nice.

Kind of a quiet week compared to last week where live music dominated my time. Sitting down this morning with a cup of tea, thought I'd check my chances for going on that permanent road trip. Sadly, having only one of the numbers in the Mega Millions drawing means that ain't happening any time soon.

So I noticed that on this day in 1933 the game of Monopoly was invented. Growing up, board games were a staple in our house. Scrabble, Parcheesi, checkers,chess..but the king was always Monopoly. Picking your token before each game was always a fight as to who would use the dog and the racing car. My mother usually ended up with the dad, the old shoe.

And depending if you played with your own family or friends, the rules would change. Really, was there anyone who ever played the game without some stretching of the official rules?  We always put all the money collected from the Chance and Community Chest cards, into the Free Parking space. If you landed got all the money.  One of my friends started the game with a couple of hundred bucks in Free Parking and replenished it every time it was landed on. It just made the game a little more exciting.

Then there was your favorite properties. Now most everyone knows the original game properties were all taken from streets in Atlantic City. That's Jersey, baby. I always like the cheapo properties...Baltic & Mediterranean, along with Oriental, Vermont & Connecticut.  Then I liked St. James, Tennessee & New York.  For some reason I disliked the yellow and green properties, and hardly ever ended up with the high rent district of Park Place & Boardwalk.

A roll of the dice, a little wheeling and dealing, and a family spending a lot of time enjoying each other. Seems so much simpler noise from video games of blowing up everything in sight. Just the sounds of laughter...topped off with a lot of trash talk.

Some of the best times our family ever had. As long as I didn't end up in jail.

Can someone bail me out?


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It Is Super Tuesday: The Oreo Turns 100

So today marks two things in the world. It is Super Freakin' Tuesday and more is the 100 birthday of the Oreo cookie. There is no contest in my mind which is more important. Can you say Yum?

Now I remember years ago, campaigning for presidential elections would start after the midterm elections were over.  A little over two years after the last one. We have now entered the age where campaigning takes place basically as soon as the new president is sworn in.  Everyone takes off the month of December...January begins with non-stop coverage about the inauguration, then BAM, as soon as the new guy is in...we start talking about mid-term elections.

And Congress starts fund-raising. Going from place to place sucking up money like a vacuum.  It seems the only thing the two parties can agree on is, raise as much money as you can and do as little work as you can get away with.

Today a bunch of states (don't ask me how many..I've long since stopped caring) will vote for the Republican of their choice.  But apparently this year, Super Tuesday is not so super.  None of the candidates will have enough delegates to proclaim themselves as the presidential nominee, so off we go...campaigning again.

Are there really people who foam at the mouth in anticipation of every bit of political news coming out of these primaries? Maybe, all I know is I used to be a news it gives me a headache and a case of Deja Vu.  Let me know when the foreplay is over...and what the date is in November when I need to show up at the polling place.

Now, what really matters today is that 100 years ago, someone had an insanely wonderful recipe put into production.  The Oreo cookie was created and the dunking world has never been the same.  whether you twist and lick (I personally never understood that attack) or you put that sucker into a nice wide-rimmed glass of milk...dear is heaven on earth.  Now nothing is the same without the trans-fats, but when you start with something close to perfection, you can go down a rung or two and still be enthralled.

So, if you must watch all the political maneuvering...just be sure there's a couple of Oreo's ready to go.
If I was betting on anything would be milk futures are going through the roof.

Dunk 'em if ya got 'em.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh, This Is Gonna Be Embarrassing

To write a blog, you definitely need to be able to laugh at yourself...because you know damn well everyone who reads it, is laughing at you. But that's the point; allow others to see what makes you tick...even if it isn't always your best side.

Now in the past few months, I've discussed my doctor's appointments, my roller coaster ride of getting some things accomplished when the outcome became more and more uncertain and as always, the good old aging process...which is never as pretty as Hollywood makes it out to be.

Today, you will see just how far someone can progress (hopefully you will think I've progressed) and laugh along with me...or at me. It is what it is.

Yesterday, while going through some music memorabilia, I came across a book of early samples of my writing. They were mostly poems, some prose and some miscellaneous lines which were never finished. And here's the thing...holy shit, they are shockingly BAD. Now granted most of them were from the ages of 10-13...a few from around 17 or so...but again; real bad.

Now in high school, I aced everything English. I had a side business writing term papers for my friends (oh did I just say that, oops), and my teachers encouraged my free-lance writing. Hell, I even had a column in the county newspaper with a picture & byline for my junior and senior years. But looking at these writings, it made me wonder why would I ever think to pursue it at any time of my life? Really bad.

So this morning, just for shits & giggles (at my expense, I might add), I am providing just a taste of what I thought was good enough to save...all those years ago. I can't begin to tell you how painful this is. Choosing which poem to print has been a long process...apparently not one well thought out..

"Tears can only shadow the fears that are to come
And though yesterday is far away, there still might be no sun.
So just rest your head, lay gently now
Let your thoughts be true and kind
Ease some times of tenderness into your peaceful mind.

Don't care for what the others say, their eyes are just like yours.
They see as far as you can see, and then they see no more.
So just settle down and find your soul, let your thoughts be true and kind.
Ease some times of tenderness into your peaceful mind.

So far away, I'll only say your love is in my heart.
And it hurts me so to have to know, how much longer we must part.
So wait for me and I'll be there, let your thoughts be true and kind
Ease some times of tenderness into your peaceful mind."

Well. Ok so maybe this wasn't the worst of all my writings, and I admit it might be better than some rap songs I've heard, but...not good alot (as we say in jersey).  So as you read my future blogs, remember how it all started.

Lots of rhymes, but what was the reason?
Not expecting a call from the Pulitzer committee any time soon.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Oy, What A Night

So we will start out here on the Theory of Life blog and finish up on the Theory of Music blog for the second half of the night.  But the run-up to the show was so priceless...well here we go.

Heading into Manhattan. Traffic at the Lincoln Tunnel, so went straight for the GW Bridge, fine by me, love driving down the West Side Highway. Couple of cruise ships docked at the piers, all the party lights on, adds a nice festive touch to the start of the evening. Picked up the 'other' at work and headed way downtown to The Bowery Ballroom.

We've all heard the expression, "you can't get there from here," well add in the fact that the president is in town and I'm driving cross-town and downtown...let me tell you.."the joy is most definitely NOT in the ride."   Finally arrive, find parking on the street, always nice when that happens, look for a place to grab a quick bite before the show.

Now, we know of one restaurant very close to the venue. Sammy's Roumanian Steak House. Not your usual steak house. Sammy's is a blast out of the old Catskills Borscht Belt. It was not where I wanted to end up. But I did. oy.  It's a small place with low ceilings and old tattered photographs glued to the walls. It's a place with history..and more old fashioned Jewish food than you thought really existed. And really, all I wanted was a burger or slice of pizza. 

Then there was the entertainment at the restaurant...this keyboardist/singer. oy.  I can't even tell you how loud, bad and annoying he was.  And he didn't stop. I was ready to throw a $20 in the tip jar to have him shut up. A nice bowl of mushroom barley soup..quick, easy and we can get the hell out of here.  And still ...he sang.  When he started to sing Sinatra's "Summer Wind,"  all I was thinking was.. please god, don't let him sing "The Way You Look Tonight,"...I may cry. Next song,  oh yes indeed.

As I wiped the tears out of my eyes, the 'other's' food arrived. Now he had ordered an appetizer which needed to be cooked. I ordered soup. Yet his dish arrived a full 5 minutes before mine. Seems picking up a ladle and pouring the contents into a bowl is a little harder than I thought.  And still...he sang.

As we left, I remember thinking...just around the corner there's gonna be another restaurant which would have been a better choice...and there was. Oh well, chalk it up to another memorable life experience. Good music is sure to await me as we head into the Ballroom.

Yes, an old dance hall, with a bar on every level. Feelin' more at home every minute.
Time to rock.

To be continued on Kat's Theory Of Music.