Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nothing Like Being Board: Monopoly

Wednesday. Hump Day. Getting closer to the weekend. Nice.

Kind of a quiet week compared to last week where live music dominated my time. Sitting down this morning with a cup of tea, thought I'd check my chances for going on that permanent road trip. Sadly, having only one of the numbers in the Mega Millions drawing means that ain't happening any time soon.

So I noticed that on this day in 1933 the game of Monopoly was invented. Growing up, board games were a staple in our house. Scrabble, Parcheesi, checkers,chess..but the king was always Monopoly. Picking your token before each game was always a fight as to who would use the dog and the racing car. My mother usually ended up with the dad, the old shoe.

And depending if you played with your own family or friends, the rules would change. Really, was there anyone who ever played the game without some stretching of the official rules?  We always put all the money collected from the Chance and Community Chest cards, into the Free Parking space. If you landed got all the money.  One of my friends started the game with a couple of hundred bucks in Free Parking and replenished it every time it was landed on. It just made the game a little more exciting.

Then there was your favorite properties. Now most everyone knows the original game properties were all taken from streets in Atlantic City. That's Jersey, baby. I always like the cheapo properties...Baltic & Mediterranean, along with Oriental, Vermont & Connecticut.  Then I liked St. James, Tennessee & New York.  For some reason I disliked the yellow and green properties, and hardly ever ended up with the high rent district of Park Place & Boardwalk.

A roll of the dice, a little wheeling and dealing, and a family spending a lot of time enjoying each other. Seems so much simpler noise from video games of blowing up everything in sight. Just the sounds of laughter...topped off with a lot of trash talk.

Some of the best times our family ever had. As long as I didn't end up in jail.

Can someone bail me out?



  1. Brought back bunches of memories Kat! One of our family's favs, too. Neighborhood buddies loved it too...but we wanted to be outside all the time. The wind and all that paper money, cards, etc didn't work out too well! So it became our winter game of choice. :)

  2. miss those days.playing with family or friends,laughter.Good times.Got bail covered