Saturday, March 10, 2012

Technology 1, Idiot 0

So as expected the bright shiny mood of Thursday got shot to shit today.

Left the laptop on last night, no big deal unless it is. As I started the morning ritual of emails, tweets, checking the blogs for comments and stats, it seemed the computer was running a little lot slow. Ok, let restart, and get it back to the happy place.

Windows update. Needs to install 52 updates. Fifty-freakin-two updates. And why could they not install say 20 the day before or even 30? Gotta wait for 52? And really, what do these updates ever do for me? I can't say as any update has made my computer run faster, better or made any program I've used more...usable.

Well, at the installing update 14 of 52, it stalled...waiting, waiting. After waiting for 1/2 hour I did the unthinkable and shut it down.  Patience is a virtue apparently not found in my genetic make-up. Stupidity as I've said before, can be found in extremely large quantities. I know it says not to shut off the computer while it is updating, but it says "Please don't..." I consider that an option to which I can reply, "That's ok, I will anyway." Guess not.

Starting it back up, it seems Windows now needs to reconfigure itself. Bite me. Another 1/2 hour. Eventually, technology triumphs over human brain cells and I begin the day...just a little later than expected.

So, now I know the computer is just being polite by saying please. It rules my world and I must obey. But sooner or later this little baby will be old and obsolete, and no amount of saying please on its part will make me shed a tear as I break it in pieces.

Technology wins today...
but this human is just waiting, waiting.
Gotta get me a hammer.



  1. patience is something not many people can grasp.waiting for a computer to do its thing_no paticnce.somebody give me patience

  2. Well I don't have to tell YOU how I am with patience. You know all too well!! HA Can't tell you how many times I've gotten hacked at my computer, cussed at it, carried on about whatever particular thing has pissed me off that day...but alas I always return! LOL