Sunday, March 18, 2012

And So It Began...The Trip To Danville

The Road Trip.

After picking me up at the weekend house, the Drum-Mamma and I began going over the supplies each of us had packed. Beer, wine, champagne on my end (hey, ya just don't know what you might be in the mood for) and snacks and a few surprises at her end. Oh, by the way she said. I brought some vodka shooters along with this new cranberry with sparkling water drink.  Without missing a beat, I asked "did you bring a lime?"  Now most people might think that was a bit over the top. After all, this is an overnighter where we will be spending quite a lot of time out of the room. And you really need the lime?

Well, yeah. The fact that the Drum-Mamma tends bar made me fairly certain my questions would be answered with a twinkle in her eye. Indeed it was. And as I sat on my butt and watched her mix a perfect afternoon cocktail, it reminded me of so many other moments over the years, where one of us so perfectly complemented the other.

The ride to Danville was pretty easy and the two hours were filled with reminiscing of times past. It's always so interesting to hear the different memories people have of a specific event.  Not that you remember what occurred differently, but what was memorable to you. Sometimes walking in a door at a different time creates an impression in your mind, that another person might totally miss.

And then there are the things that you both remember. And you laugh. This night was to be filled with many new memories, new friends and much fun.

But I knew that we were destined to have a great time as soon as she said there would be a wedge of lime in my cocktail.

And that's called jersey prepared.

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  1. We had such a blast!! So great to meet Tina and for you and I to get to finally meet in person!!! You 2 are so much fun! Thanks for sharing the journey with me! :) Next stop.....Penns Peak (with a little detour to TX for me!) :)

    1. It sure was a blast, I'm sure your detour to TX will be more fun than our detour to Bloomsburg at 1 in the morning.

  2. I agree - SO much fun. Great finally meeting everyone. I think Alicia needs to write her first blog Saturday morning. A full report about the first Survivor show with Jimi back.

    1. Yes, we will need a full report, though as a single "triplet" she might be a tad lonely...want some company?

  3. Just too much fun for me ...........................

    Kat great to meet your tweeter/survivor friends on our road trip to Danville.

    Wish i could join you all on the next road trip, but duty calls for the bartender!

    1. remember it's a sunday night...i'm not giving up on you just yet.