Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Going To Hell Along With The Rest Of You

"tonight the sweet devil, the sweet devil's got my soul."

Indeed, he has.
The temptation began a few months ago. Seriously got back into writing, and as I have been told by most everyone I know...I have a big mouth...so I began to tweet. And almost 1400 tweets later, I have been sucked in by the other social networking vacuum... Facebook.

You cannot imagine the total disdain I have for it, yet the apparently weak woman that I am, now has a FB page. Why you ask? The devil made me do it.

Everyone I know has one, did I want to keep up with them...no. But there are certain things that have become a giant pain in the ass if you don't have one. Like seeing friends photos, or when you also have a music blog...following news on musical groups you are interested in, or are researching. So, I made the pact with the Prince of Darkness..and we're not talkin' Ozzie.

I am now everywhere...for all the world to see. It's funny, because what I do love about tweeting is that it is kind of anonymous. Sure you have a name, but unless you are famous, does anyone really pay attention to who you are? No, because it doesn't matter who you are... just what you say. But facebook is all about who you are. Who you like, what you do and when you do it. Trust me, it ain't that interesting.

Now I am new to this FB crap, so the page is a definite work in progress. Don't be expecting to see family vacation pictures there, it's mainly a vehicle for the Kat's Theory brand. Though knowing how I can be tempted so easily, at some point there may be revelations not usually expected. But will anyone really care? God I hope not.

So today, if you have nothing better to do..check out the Kat's Theory page. And like it (what the hell does that even mean?) if you want. You know my attitude.

I personally don't give a...

Have a nice day.



  1. Got to love your middle finger to the world attitude. I for one respect it. Like me, your theme tune is 'Don't Damn Me' from GnR. No song says it better. As for FB, I have a page, but I am no fan. I like by blog cuz I can rant as much as I like and nobody really knows me. Not that it matters though. Mark the MTC

    1. yes, that's the point..none of it matters. and yes, i am way to old to really care...plus i'm from jersey. no one does attitude better than jersey. thanks mark

  2. I agree. I am who I am. I am not perfect, but I am me and do not pretend to be some to be popular. If people don't like me, I am not begging them to interact with me. I like the Jersey attitude. Mark

  3. I knew we'd get ya there eventually. ;) Ahh...take it for what it is. A communication vehicle...ignore the rest of the blah.

  4. I thought between my big mouth and my middle finger, I had all the communication I would ever need. Apparently that's another thing I was mistaken about.

  5. HAHA! Oh no...believe me, that's MORE than enough! But we just wanna share those lovely attributes on a world stage!! LOL

    1. I'll take my bow now, and exit stage left.