Friday, March 2, 2012

Oy, What A Night

So we will start out here on the Theory of Life blog and finish up on the Theory of Music blog for the second half of the night.  But the run-up to the show was so priceless...well here we go.

Heading into Manhattan. Traffic at the Lincoln Tunnel, so went straight for the GW Bridge, fine by me, love driving down the West Side Highway. Couple of cruise ships docked at the piers, all the party lights on, adds a nice festive touch to the start of the evening. Picked up the 'other' at work and headed way downtown to The Bowery Ballroom.

We've all heard the expression, "you can't get there from here," well add in the fact that the president is in town and I'm driving cross-town and downtown...let me tell you.."the joy is most definitely NOT in the ride."   Finally arrive, find parking on the street, always nice when that happens, look for a place to grab a quick bite before the show.

Now, we know of one restaurant very close to the venue. Sammy's Roumanian Steak House. Not your usual steak house. Sammy's is a blast out of the old Catskills Borscht Belt. It was not where I wanted to end up. But I did. oy.  It's a small place with low ceilings and old tattered photographs glued to the walls. It's a place with history..and more old fashioned Jewish food than you thought really existed. And really, all I wanted was a burger or slice of pizza. 

Then there was the entertainment at the restaurant...this keyboardist/singer. oy.  I can't even tell you how loud, bad and annoying he was.  And he didn't stop. I was ready to throw a $20 in the tip jar to have him shut up. A nice bowl of mushroom barley soup..quick, easy and we can get the hell out of here.  And still ...he sang.  When he started to sing Sinatra's "Summer Wind,"  all I was thinking was.. please god, don't let him sing "The Way You Look Tonight,"...I may cry. Next song,  oh yes indeed.

As I wiped the tears out of my eyes, the 'other's' food arrived. Now he had ordered an appetizer which needed to be cooked. I ordered soup. Yet his dish arrived a full 5 minutes before mine. Seems picking up a ladle and pouring the contents into a bowl is a little harder than I thought.  And still...he sang.

As we left, I remember thinking...just around the corner there's gonna be another restaurant which would have been a better choice...and there was. Oh well, chalk it up to another memorable life experience. Good music is sure to await me as we head into the Ballroom.

Yes, an old dance hall, with a bar on every level. Feelin' more at home every minute.
Time to rock.

To be continued on Kat's Theory Of Music.



  1. It sounds like an interesting night. Stopping by from S30P...

  2. I argue with people all the time that Frank was the first rock star not Bill haley or Elvis.

    1. Totally. My mother cut school on several occasions to take a bus into the city to see him "way back in the day." Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I got to see him live in the 80's. Not quite what he was, but still magic.