Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Trip To Danville: Almost Showtime

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Timeline Saturday March 17, around 2 pm. Danville PA

Checked into the hotel, looking like we were staying for a week instead of overnight. Two cooler bags filled with supplies, a bag with wine glasses (plastic cups..I don't think so. We bring champagne and crystal glasses when we tailgate at Springsteen concerts at the Meadowlands), and a small electric espresso maker (doesn't everyone?). Add some clothes and toiletries...well jersey girls don't travel light; we travel prepared.

After having a quick beer, out the door to check out the venue and grab some lunch. At the club, ran into Bob Richardson from the band Hybrid Ice, whom I had interviewed last month. Spent some time talking with him about what to expect for the show later that night. Those details only made us anticipate the evening even more.

Running a little later than we were expecting, we decided to grab a bite at one of the chains near the hotel. Please tell me how you have a new bartender working alone on a St. Patty's Day? The servers were lined up like rush hour traffic going into the Lincoln Tunnel.

Back to the hotel, relax a bit and get ready for the show. Finally get to meet the first of my two tweetville friends, this one drove in from Ohio...did I say crazy lady? Yes, indeed...but a girl after my own heart. If there's good music, don't stand in our way.

So, you always know when you stick out like a sore thumb. Walking up to the venue, we kinda got the "they're not from around here" look from the crowd waiting for the doors to open. Yes, north jersey ain't exactly nearby. It's really just the attitude...actually we are pretty harmless...unless provoked. At that point, we found our other friend from Twitterland and walked in (with a little help from the band) to claim our spots for the night.

With plenty of time before the show, it was fun to actually talk with the people I have been tweeting with for months. Nothing earthshaking, I think we pretty much knew what to expect from each other. Amazing what you can learn about each other in 140 characters. Also, with two of us writing blogs, there's not much in our lives that isn't addressed in public.

The people of Danville could not have been nicer; enjoyed talking to them and enjoyed the $2 price tag on the beers. You ain't getting that in jersey.

Lights go down...
The Music in Danville: First Up, Hybrid Ice followed by The Music in Danville: Jimi Jamison Rocks Hard



  1. Thanks for the shout out to this "crazy lady from OH"! Got that right! Good music...road trip...get outta my way!! Said it before...what a night...what a show!! Would make that trip again in a heartbeat!

  2. Replies
    1. That is a yes.........................! Especially that i now know how to pump gas !

    2. I'm gonna make believe I didn't hear you say that. Jersey girls don't pump gas!!!!!