Friday, March 23, 2012

It's Not The Normal Noise In Here

Yes indeed, the weather has been great. Past few days... get in the truck, roll down the windows, open up the it's just wonderful. That is, until I actually start driving. You see, the truck is in its final days. And this baby ain't exactly purring.

In a previous post called "Driving a Boat on Dry Land.", I talked about getting rid of my 87 year-old father's 1985 Buick Regal. Well, the apples in my family don't fall far from the tree. I do believe that my brother still has his 1996 Caddy, my mom has a 1998 Chevy and I'm driving a 1997 4-Runner with over 170K miles on it. Apparently we feel the need to get our money's worth.

Now that 4-Runner was very sweet in her early years, but time has taken a toll, and well the old girl is a bit creaky. Last year she started to squeak. She sounds like somebody is having a grand old time on an old spring mattress. I just turned up the music. See, we just wanted to get through the winter with her. Oh yeah winter, well there wasn't one, so the time is getting near to ditch the bitch.

And did I happen to mention about the tailpipe? Yeah, the one that's just about rotted off. I no longer hear the squeaks because the noise from the lack of tailpipe is so freakin' loud. I just turn up the music a bit louder. The problem now, is with the weather so nice, I have windows down, sunroof opened and it's so damn loud I can no longer hear the music.

I'm thinking it's time we got our act together and started making a conscious effort to look for some new wheels. Preferably something with bells and whistles...but nothing that sounds like a large boat in dense fog.

Doesn't the volume go up any higher?



  1. old Shirly oves us nothing.She took us wherever we wanted to go.Time to retire the old girl.

  2. I guess it is time.............espeically if the old gal is drowning out the tunes !

  3. i'd close the windows and turn up the ac, but it's a crapshoot if that works as well. i can hear taps being played.