Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Driving A Boat On Dry Land

Smooth as glass, that's what it feels like riding in my Dad's boat.  Technically it is not a boat, rather it's a 1985 Buick Regal...baby blue with navy blue velour interior. Yes, 1985.

Now Dad turned 87 a few weeks back and days before his birthday, his doctor told him it was time to hand over the keys. Now we all knew it was past time, but with the winter so uneventful, I was giving him until his birthday to have the final talk on the matter.  Luckily for me, the doctor did the dirty work.

Let me tell you about the boat.  That car only went on vacations. No local driving for her. No, she sat parked in the driveway until it was time for a trip. Then she would be taken down the street to his mechanic, who was told to check her out. Now this mechanic has worked on all of our cars forever. He knew the car was always in perfect condition, so he would do a cursory check-up, charge my Dad a few bucks and everyone was happy.  Dad always felt the mechanic never charged him enough, and he was right.  He's a good guy who still looks after my parents any way he can. He often told me "Kath, I'll give it a look, but that car runs better than mine."  It runs better than mine, that's for sure, but that's a story for another day

So, now it's time to say goodbye to the boat. They will still have my mother's car for the little driving they need to do at his point.  But the boat will be taking her final voyage very soon.  First, there's a full tank of gas to use up.  Didn't think the old man would ever let his pride and joy sit there half-filled, did you? No, she was always ready to go...whether it was cross-country or down to Atlantic City.

Now it's up to me to take her for the last few rides...and with the price of gas, hell, I'll take a free tank of running errands.  But I gotta tell you, for as quiet and smooth as that car is...it almost purrs...it's one ugly as sin, big freakin' car.  For a brief moment while driving it today I thought, maybe we should just keep it and have a second car.  Then reality set it and I realized I can't really see around all the angles to park it.  And it's 27 years old. And it's an old man's car.

Yeah mine, and if he can't drive her anymore...it's time she sailed away on her own.



  1. How about dry docking the old gal !

    1. Seriously, I'd like her to take a long drive off a short pier. Burial at sea seems most appropriate!

  2. Aww...as I told you the other day....my dad is at that same stage where driving is NOT a good idea. He's 85. His mind is sharp as a tac! The body just doesn't work like it used to. :( Makes me sad but I'm certain that difficult decision is coming our way soon too.