Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Photographic Memory

Funny how the mind operates. I was going through a pile of old photos earlier. You know the kind, not the ones that are neatly stored in the computer or a photo album or even a storage box.  No, I'm talking about the ones that never made it to any of those places...the big bag of miscellaneous pictures of everything from my parents in the 60s to vacations in the 90s.

Now I have lots of photos, and I have a pretty good idea in which album or box I can find any specific one.  I can't remember what I had for dinner last night, but something inside my brain lets me know about stuff like that.  And I was correct again today, the pictures I sought were indeed in the bag.  But as I went through them, all the memories of those times from so very long ago, came flooding in.  Most of the time you can't remember very much about what happened the day it was taken, but the frozen moment in time is as clear as day.

And you know what's so great about looking at the old photos...for the most part they are really good memories. That's why you took the picture in the first place. It was a good time and you wanted to remember it.  And you do.

One of these days, I tell myself, I really need to organize these pictures before they get destroyed. Organization though, is not a dominant gene in my DNA make-up.  It works for a little while, then poof, just like a New Year's resolution...gone.  I may be a force of nature, but I do have my limitations. More likely, I will go to a craft store, buy another photo storage box and cram in as many as I can.

Lucky for me...I'll remember which ones are in there.

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