Friday, February 24, 2012

Waking The Dead Or Just Napping Like One

Before leaving for the weekend house, I stopped by to see my parents.  Now for those who haven't read any of the family type posts before, my dad is 87 and not quite the man he used to be.  Well, I walk in through the back door and there is my dad...his head hanging down, asleep at the kitchen table. At least I assumed he was asleep.

Mom was walking in from the living room and I walked past her as I headed to the basement to drop something off.  I mentioned to her that dad was asleep and the position he was in could not be good for the arthritis in his neck. Down in the basement I can hear my mother trying to wake my dad. "Hon...hon...hon." Now that has my attention, because I know she's got to be standing right next to him. I start moving quickly back up the stairs...really fearing the worst  As soon as I reach the kitchen...boom, those hibernating brain cells checked back into the present.  "What?" he says.  Scared the shit out of us, we say.

Now granted, of all the ways to exit this life...that would not have been a bad least for him. It does however, make you realize just how quickly you can go poof.

It also makes you wonder just how dead you can look when you're alive. Or napping.


  1. My 85 year old dad does the same thing. Sometimes he's sleeping so sound you think the house could fall down and he wouldn't even flinch! ;)

    1. but if you put food in front of mine, he'd be up in a second. that man still loves to eat.