Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mini Poodle In Tracksuit & Sneakers

I shit you not.

It was just too damn nice today not to do the walk around the big lake.  Cold, but no wind and the joyful reappearance of the sun.  February yes, February weather...not so much.. No dog for this walk, I left the bitch at home,

Honestly, I love the solitude of a long walk. Time to clear the head, say hello to other crazy people walking in the cold, and visit with the dog people strolling along.  First, I met some guy with three girls, Gracie, Emily and Maggie.  Twelve legs and all howls.  Nice conversation about weather, dogs and walking mileage.

Continuing on...there they came. A couple of women with a couple of small dogs. After the triple take, I realized that yes this little dog was wearing a red track suit with little doggie sneakers. Why would you do that to a dog?  Most people look ridiculous in a track suit, but a tiny dog.  A little dog dignity please.  And the sneakers.  Should have taken a picture, but I was literally stunned.

Back home after my walk, now it's time to take out the dog. Yes, she's making a fashion statement with her fur coat.  But, those paws are a bit too big for Manolo's.

Just two girls need for a fashion statement.



  1. Haha....that poor dog was probably thinking "Don't even say a word! I know how ridiculous I look!" LOL

    1. Yeah, I think he realized he definitely was not stylin'

  2. That's just wrong! Everyone knows poodles should be wearing Manolos! Poor little doggie!