Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day: It's Right In Front Of You

Yeah, It's Valentine's Day. Where do I even begin. You know this is not gonna be pretty.

Just like Christmas, Valentine's Day is all about anticipation. What will the gift be...candy, flowers, THE RING?  What is expected? Together a year or less...flowers for sure, maybe earrings or a necklace...definitely not THE RING.  Going out for the second Valentine's Day...THE RING expectation gets a lot stronger. If it's the third VDay and no ring...pack it up girl, it ain't gonna happen.

Now it's not that I hate Valentine's Day, I don't.  There have been some very...um interesting ones. But that's a story for another day. But here's how I feel about the most popular gifts.

Chocolate: Those who know me can attest to my devotion to it.  I have stated on many occasions that a Hershey's bar is God's most perfect food.  Even the dog's name is Hershey, though that name came from the shelter...I just couldn't bear to change it.  However, I do not need to consume an entire box. Said Hershey bar will suffice.

Flowers: Always hated when I was sent flowers to the office. Why send them there? To impress my co-workers? I'm not leaving them there, so I gotta carry them home. Pain in the ass.

Dinner: Yes, I love dinner out, but on VDay...no.  Crazy crowded with limited menu and drink prices jacked up. Another night for sure.

Jewelry: Well you've got me there. I can't really bitch about something shiny in a small box.

All in all, my belief is VDay is too stressful and annoying. And while the idea of making every day feel like Valentine's Day is appealing...well we all know that ain't gonna happen. Take it all one day at a time. If tonight, you don't receive the gift you had hoped for, just remember you will still wake up next to the person you wanted it from.

Waking up in his arms...isn't that what you always wanted most of all?

I need some chocolate.


  1. I am not a firm believer in VDay - for so many it is a dreadful day with expectations and let downs. However I hope you get your truffles or at least a hershey bar!

  2. Flowers, good thing I work from home. HA