Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Squish In Time...

Just got back from the annual 'squish in a dish', otherwise known as a mammogram. Since the beginning of the year, I've been doing the doctor thing, trying to be sure I am in complete physical readiness for the summer rock & roll circuit, weekend yard sales and party time on the deck.

So far, so good. In January, I wrote about the trip to the gynecologist in a blog titled "Keeping In Shape: It's More Than Flat Abs."  If you haven't read that, well it was an interesting doctor visit to say the least.

Anyway, today's appointment went well. The girls are in good health, though it always feels they are placed on a scale, like in a butcher shop. Definitely more than a literal pound of flesh, if you ask me. Another test out of the way.

I never quite understood the resistance by so many women about having a mammo.  The technology has come a long way, and if it's uncomfortable for 10 seconds...suck it up.  To me the weirdest thing is having full conversations with the woman who is pinching and prodding each girl into position. I'd love to have the technician I had today, in my home when I'm mixing up the ground meat for meatballs...good hands on her.

So, my thoughts for today are just do it. For less than a minute of feeling like you're a hamburger patty, you get a year of breathing easy.

I'll get squished for that any day.


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