Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Parade: Hold Up The Hardware Boys

Got a few thoughts on the parade today, they may be a bit scattered so just go with it.

Thought 1: As usual, last night I had no idea about what I would write today. Very rarely do I plan anything before I sit down at the keyboard.  Usually it's just "pound & ground." Around three this morning as I'm wide awake again, I hear the overnight newscasters talking about the Giants ticker-tape parade.  Neither of the anchors actually knew what ticker-tape was.  Now I get it, they are probably too young to have actually seen ticker-tape streaming down from the NYC buildings, but it's not like New York hasn't had it's share of championship parades.  In 2009 the Yankees had one and the Giants only four years ago.  If you're in the news business, how have you never heard the phrase?  And if you heard it, as a journalist, how do you not research the meaning? Just asking.

Thought 2: Yes, I am a Yankees fan, but no I have never been to a Yankees parade celebration.  don't know why, just haven't.  I might need to change that this fall.

Thought 3: I have been to two ticker-tape parades.  The first was in 1991 and it was in honor of the returning heroes of the Gulf War. It was an experience not easily forgotten.  America it seemed, was determined to embrace the returning war heroes in stark contrast to the fate that awaited returning Vets after the Viet Nam war. As you stood on the streets, you realized you weren't cheering on your winning team, you were cheering for your country.  We spent the day talking to these guys, watching their faces light up as they were asked to sign autographs and even sharing a couple of beers with them.  It was a good job done by them and the city who honored them.

Thought 4:  The second ticker-tape parade was for my beloved New York Rangers. The fifty-four year drought was over.  No more would we have to endure the chants of "1940."  Those four playoff rounds were excruciating to live through.  But the memories of them are still so strong.  The prediction by the Captain, the Swooping Matteau and the endless icings and overtimes.  But as Rangers fans, we knew it wouldn't be easy. I shut down my business the day of the parade, and the message on my answering machine was changed to "Because the Rangers have won the Stanley Cup...this office is closed for the day."  It's all about priorities. Over a million people lined the downtown streets, but who walks directly in front of me? My ex-husband and his cousin. Two huge Ranger fans, it was great to be able to celebrate this championship together, as he was how I became a fan in the first place. Let's Go Rangers.

Thought 5: I won't be going to the parade today or the celebration down at the Meadowlands. I was at one celebration down there, although I can't remember if it was '86 or '90.  And while Jersey doesn't offer the classic celebration of NYC, we do offer the stadium's parking lot.  At 5 this morning, fans were setting up to tailgate. Before the fanfare inside the stadium, Giants fans will talk big, grill big and party like there's no tomorrow.  And hopefully, it will be peaceful.  It always is.  Say what you will about New York-New Jersey fans, we don't riot, or turn over cars or beat up other teams' fans.  It's all about love of the sport and self-pride.

Congratulation Giants, NY-NJ fans...let's show them how it's done.

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