Thursday, February 9, 2012

Moving Into Tweetville

So, if you've been reading my blogs you might remember that I've just started tweeting.  Now I get it. It can be very addictive, especially to someone who works from home and sits in front of a computer screen all day.  Following people you didn't know before and making new friends along the way. And people who actually know me can tell you, I am not the most people person.

So far, a shared interest in music and sports are what's making my life in tweetville entertaining. Finding people with shared life experiences who live in other states and countries is really a kick. Right now there's a few of us looking forward to the summer concert circuit...who, what and where.   I think it's gonna be great!  Being in touch with the bands and waiting on every detail of the music and tour dates. And while I won't be able to make all the shows I'd like to, I'm sure one of my twitter friends will give me a full blow-by-blow playback of what I missed. Not quite like being there, but a good enough fix, to be sure.

And just now I've realized the baseball season will have a new rivalry.  Who says girls can't talk trash? As a woman who lives and breathes derek-jeter-in-a-baseball-uniform, I can't wait for the boys to get back on the field.

All this and it's only been two weeks.  Looking forward to what other directions this tweet thing sends me.
All in 140 characters. Amazing.


  1. Twitter is addicting. I think I've been on for less than a year and have almost 2,000 Tweets. I wrote a blog article about a game you can play on Twitter. Take a look for it when you get a chance.