Wednesday, February 29, 2012

On The Soapbox: And It's Not Covered, Why?

So yes, I'm a little pissy today.

People, stuff...let's just say the day is not starting out stellar. I could go on for days with my own kvetching, but this morning I need to take on a cause for another. It is a common enough problem, encountered by many people in this country. Today we talk about Medical Insurance Companies.

Say you had a medical condition like hypertension...many of us do.  After trial and error for a good length of time, you finally find one drug which works.  Of course after this good luck comes your way, the insurance company takes that specific drug off its approved list. Now, to stay healthy, it's going to be with money coming out of your a cost of several hundred dollars a month.

So, the insurance company would rather pay for a drug that doesn't work as well, and incur all the costs down the line for repercussions...than pay upfront for a drug proven to take care of the problem  Sure, let her have a stroke, then we will pay for the hospital, doctors, rehab...etc, if she lives through it.

Kind of makes you believe the inmates are really running the asylum.

So here we are with seniors cutting their meds in half because they can't afford a full dose, people bringing in meds from over the borders because they're cheaper, and our medical insurance companies just look at the "in-the-moment' cost. They started allowing tests for preventative medicine, including flu shots, mammograms and check-ups, but still have a narrow-minded approach to the drugs which keep people healthy.

Stupidity it seems, is an epidemic well covered by the medical insurance business.


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