Thursday, February 2, 2012

And Now My Damn Feet Hurt

Quick trip to the mall to order my new eyeglasses, stop at Staples...back home. Because I didn't think I'd have to walk too far, I wore my new dancin' boots, trying to break them in. Bad job by me. 

The eyeglass store moved its location from one side of the mall to the other...and this is a big freakin' mall. I couldn't find the mall directory at first, so I just started distracted by a few stores and some nice shoes..kept walking and finally found the directory. The eyeglass store was polar opposite of where I was standing....damn.

Start walking back, past Victoria's Secret...almost got distracted again, but too much pink and red Valentine's party favors...dear God, when did their stuff get so ugly.  Finally get to the store and the frame I had seen in one store was nowhere to be found in the one I went to today...double damn.

Out of the mall to Staples, where they didn't have what I wanted either. Seriously...I really haven't been too much of a bitch lately, what happened to my good karma.

Back home with nothing to show for it.  And my damn feet hurt. At least tomorrow is half full...waiting on the good karma.


  1. lookls like another lunch at the mall and a trip to the eye glass store to get the frames you want...yay!