Wednesday, February 1, 2012

IPhone...I Fun

Got an IPhone yesterday.  Never in my life have I delighted so much in a piece of technology.  Finally there is something useful AND fun.

Back in December, I got an email from my friend, the drum-mamma.  In the fall she sent away for tickets to the Anderson Cooper daytime talk show, forgot about it, then received an email from the show with tickets for a specific date.  Wanna go?  A day in the city with a veteran partner-in-crime...hell yeah.

As it turned out, the taping was for the Christmas show and there were gifts. Yay.  After sitting through a feel-good show, kind of boring...and an audience bell-ringing exercise (sorry I don't do class participation...blame it on the attitude thing) they brought out the gifts.  Quite nice, from candy and cupcakes to coffee makers...the damn bell,  and the piece de resistance...a Blackberry Bold.  Very nice, but only for AT&T.  With Verizon the only carrier that makes it out to the boonies (AKA the weekend house), had to sell it and buy my new phone of choice.

Coming home from the store yesterday with the new phone, I was mildly excited.  After playing with it, setting up all my email accounts and the twitter thing...well, it's not better than sex...but definitely better than white bread.  And, I haven't even started downloading apps yet.

Now, on a daily basis I don't lead the most exciting life...although it does have its moments.  But I do try to find enjoyment wherever I can.  Right now, it's a little piece of metal and even has some bitch named Siri inside that seems to know everything.

I've officially joined the cult. Lead me to the App store.

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  1. Who is this Siri and can she help this non-techie adjust to an Iphone as I think I am taking the leap - to an older version so that I get it for free. I've also agreed to let Tali upgrade who probably has more use for it in many ways but I don't want her to think she has too much of the upper tech hand :)