Sunday, February 5, 2012

To Pee Or Not To Pee

Yesterday I found this interesting little article about a pair of  Red-Lipped Urinals that are in a Rolling Stones fan museum in Germany.  I kid you not.  So I offered a challenge on Twitter to any other blogger who might be interested, to write a post about it. I'm just curious as to what we can come up with.  We'll see if anyone decides to, um...step up to the challenge.

So here we go.

Apparently these pissholes (pardon the expression) are causing quite a stir in the area.  Feminists are up in arms over the idea of guys, well we all know what they'd be doing, into what looks like a woman's mouth.  Ah, lighten' up.  Now I haven't spent very much time in Men's restrooms, aside from the few.."there's no one in there, guard the door" moments or the "walking in the wrong door" mistake, but I just gotta say...these urinals are really pretty and so clean. Now the museum's founder has denied it representing a woman's mouth or a man's mouth...or even a mouth. Huh?  That ain't a mouth?

Apparently these urinals are there to stay, I'm just curious to see if they paid any kind of attention to the Women's restroom.

I might have a few ideas about that.

Any bloggers up to the challenge, leave your post link in the comment area.

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