Saturday, February 18, 2012

Every Dog Has Her Day

It was the Friday before Memorial Day several years ago, when we picked up the new addition to the family. It had been a year and a half since we put Norton down, and the feeling that the loss would get easier never materialized. But it just seemed that already, it was time. I missed having a dog in the house.

Two weeks before, I had looked online to see what was available at the shelter up in Port Jervis, NY.  There were three dogs that were of interest to me.  When we arrived, only two were there. The first was a beautiful shepherd/golden mix, but young and crazy full of enthusiasm.  Not sure I was up to that. The other was what we think is a chesapeake retriever/hound mix named Hershey. She was large,with yellow/green eyes. The picture in my profile is this wonderful angel with fur. We took her out of the pen and walked into the field outside.  Immediately she squatted...good sign I thought.  We walked..she was calm, told her to sit...she did. I knelt down beside her and put my arm around flinching. She passed my test. We picked her up the next week.

Her first day up at the weekend house consisted of her following me around. No barking...just observing. We had a bed ready for her upstairs next to ours and when I went up for the night...she followed me.  I tried to show her the bed, but she didn't seem all that interested.  Ok, let her go where she wants, maybe she was more comfortable downstairs. I got into bed, started to relax when all of a sudden this very large dog, who I knew nothing about, jumped on the bed.  She then laid down, put one paw on the right side of my head, the other paw on the left side of my head and her head on my chest.

What at first was very unnerving, almost instantly became clear. She knew she was home.

P.S. She now runs the place.


  1. sweet! Pets truly are members of the family. Our house wouldn't be the same without our cat, Jewel....and she knows it! She prances around like she's in charge...and she is! I had a cat, Midnight, growing up. She ran away while we were on vacation. She was aging and we figured she left to die. Broke my heart. Never thought I would have another pet. But, alas, my daughter had other ideas. And I'm so glad she did! :)

    Great blog Kath! Kudos!!


  2. Thanks Alicia,they give us unconditional love and conditional rule!

  3. still miss that neurotic no spots runt.But life goes on,fond&painful memories.Now big brown mutt scary yellow eyes again a neurotic one,pain in the her