Thursday, March 15, 2012

On The Road Again: Next Stop Danville

To say I'm looking forward to this weekend is an understatement of global proportions.

It's been a while since I've gone on a 'girl's night out' road trip. And this trip gets the team back on the road... together. AKA Mona and Sylvia (a private joke where the names have been changed to protect our relatives). Pack up the car with the a bag of essentials, some snacks, booze and this time around...instead of a boombox, an Iphone and speakers. Nice.

So, along with spending what is for us, an unusually large block of time together, I am also looking forward to meeting some people with whom I have a new type of online one, cultivated through mutual interests. It is one of those interests which is the reason for the road trip. A rock concert...yes indeed.

Now my friend, the drum-mamma and I are veterans of the rock and roll concert scene. It was music that first formed the bond between these two Jersey Girls back when Springsteen's band was just him and the boys. No retreat, no surrender.

The who, what and where of the show have previously been mentioned in tweets and in blogs, but those facts are not what is important. The events will play out in days to come on both this blog and the music blog. I shudder to think of the possible things I will be writing about.

But this Saturday, four people coming from three directions will arrive at an unfamiliar destination, wildly contemplating whether the evening will live up to expectations. With the chance to share the night with similarly crazy people all feeling the fire of rock and roll in their hearts..I think we've got a good shot.

Fill up the tank know us Jersey Girls don't pump gas.

Road Trip...maybe one for the ages.



  1. Yes ma'am!!! It is on!!! I cannot wait!!! This could be interesting....the possibilities are endless!!!

  2. Glad I'll be along for the ride on this one!

  3. And this is me turning green with envy.....Mark

  4. No worries kat......the subaru tank is filled and ready to go !

    Pump gas no way...........tip the gas station attendant that's all i'm saying !

  5. hope you got enough for return trip.othrewise make left into jersey.aml

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