Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh, This Is Gonna Be Embarrassing

To write a blog, you definitely need to be able to laugh at yourself...because you know damn well everyone who reads it, is laughing at you. But that's the point; allow others to see what makes you tick...even if it isn't always your best side.

Now in the past few months, I've discussed my doctor's appointments, my roller coaster ride of getting some things accomplished when the outcome became more and more uncertain and as always, the good old aging process...which is never as pretty as Hollywood makes it out to be.

Today, you will see just how far someone can progress (hopefully you will think I've progressed) and laugh along with me...or at me. It is what it is.

Yesterday, while going through some music memorabilia, I came across a book of early samples of my writing. They were mostly poems, some prose and some miscellaneous lines which were never finished. And here's the thing...holy shit, they are shockingly BAD. Now granted most of them were from the ages of 10-13...a few from around 17 or so...but again; real bad.

Now in high school, I aced everything English. I had a side business writing term papers for my friends (oh did I just say that, oops), and my teachers encouraged my free-lance writing. Hell, I even had a column in the county newspaper with a picture & byline for my junior and senior years. But looking at these writings, it made me wonder why would I ever think to pursue it at any time of my life? Really bad.

So this morning, just for shits & giggles (at my expense, I might add), I am providing just a taste of what I thought was good enough to save...all those years ago. I can't begin to tell you how painful this is. Choosing which poem to print has been a long process...apparently not one well thought out..

"Tears can only shadow the fears that are to come
And though yesterday is far away, there still might be no sun.
So just rest your head, lay gently now
Let your thoughts be true and kind
Ease some times of tenderness into your peaceful mind.

Don't care for what the others say, their eyes are just like yours.
They see as far as you can see, and then they see no more.
So just settle down and find your soul, let your thoughts be true and kind.
Ease some times of tenderness into your peaceful mind.

So far away, I'll only say your love is in my heart.
And it hurts me so to have to know, how much longer we must part.
So wait for me and I'll be there, let your thoughts be true and kind
Ease some times of tenderness into your peaceful mind."

Well. Ok so maybe this wasn't the worst of all my writings, and I admit it might be better than some rap songs I've heard, but...not good alot (as we say in jersey).  So as you read my future blogs, remember how it all started.

Lots of rhymes, but what was the reason?
Not expecting a call from the Pulitzer committee any time soon.



  1.'ve come a long way baby!! thanks for your willingness to share these little gems! and btw...they are not that bad. I'm certain other writers have journals full of MUCH worse!

    1. thanks, sometimes one needs to show another layer of skin. and yes, jim said he has a bunch of notebooks filled with drivel like mine. don't think hemmingway did though.

    2. Ya never know! It seems to me that's what writers do to develop their craft! The more you write...the better the stories become. Just a layperson's view.