Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Can You Spare A Square?

Apparently, in Jersey...not so much.

In what seems like another epic New Jersey political battle, the Trenton NJ city council is refusing to approve a paper products order. Now, it's not that the council doesn't think toilet paper and hand towels are necessary to the health & hygiene of city's the $4,000 order for paper cups that has produced the stalemate. No one it seems, wants to say why they need $4K of them.

Now, having lived in Jersey most of my life, I take pride in our politics. Kickbacks, nepotism, no-show jobs...most of us grew up believing that's the way it was done everywhere. And everything ran smoothly until a while back when the media started sniffing into how business was conducted and boom...just like that, things in the state went to shit. Ok, I may exaggerate just a bit. But trust me, back in the day there would have been plenty of TP to go around. It probably would have fallen off a truck and rather than see it go to waste, our elected officials would have gathered it up and doled it out a small fee.

So today, as the infamous Seinfeld episode of Elaine in the bathroom stall begging the woman next door for just one sheet of toilet paper plays out in Trenton, city workers must remember not only to bring their lunch from home..but a roll of toilet paper as well.

You can't make this up.
God I love Jersey.


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