Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It Is Super Tuesday: The Oreo Turns 100

So today marks two things in the world. It is Super Freakin' Tuesday and more importantly...it is the 100 birthday of the Oreo cookie. There is no contest in my mind which is more important. Can you say Yum?

Now I remember years ago, campaigning for presidential elections would start after the midterm elections were over.  A little over two years after the last one. We have now entered the age where campaigning takes place basically as soon as the new president is sworn in.  Everyone takes off the month of December...January begins with non-stop coverage about the inauguration, then BAM, as soon as the new guy is in...we start talking about mid-term elections.

And Congress starts fund-raising. Going from place to place sucking up money like a vacuum.  It seems the only thing the two parties can agree on is, raise as much money as you can and do as little work as you can get away with.

Today a bunch of states (don't ask me how many..I've long since stopped caring) will vote for the Republican of their choice.  But apparently this year, Super Tuesday is not so super.  None of the candidates will have enough delegates to proclaim themselves as the presidential nominee, so off we go...campaigning again.

Are there really people who foam at the mouth in anticipation of every bit of political news coming out of these primaries? Maybe, all I know is I used to be a news junkie...now it gives me a headache and a case of Deja Vu.  Let me know when the foreplay is over...and what the date is in November when I need to show up at the polling place.

Now, what really matters today is that 100 years ago, someone had an insanely wonderful recipe put into production.  The Oreo cookie was created and the dunking world has never been the same.  whether you twist and lick (I personally never understood that attack) or you put that sucker into a nice wide-rimmed glass of milk...dear God...it is heaven on earth.  Now nothing is the same without the trans-fats, but when you start with something close to perfection, you can go down a rung or two and still be enthralled.

So, if you must watch all the political maneuvering...just be sure there's a couple of Oreo's ready to go.
If I was betting on anything today...it would be milk futures are going through the roof.

Dunk 'em if ya got 'em.



  1. You said a mouthful Kath.......i will be dunkin today !

  2. Love me some Oreos!! Must dunk today in honor of my little chocolate friends! :) Yum....my thighs thank you for the idea!

  3. So proud that the first two comments are from women. keep on dunkin' then we will all buy some spanx.

  4. ok but you forgot to mention the double stuff (Manning bros contest).agree all around otherwise