Friday, March 9, 2012

One Drink Too Many or Not Enough

Apparently there is a new study out which has determined that women who drink moderately have a lower chance of stroke than women who do not drink. Hearing this new report didn't cause me to jump up and down, though I do admit my feet started tapping right away. But as always when they give a report like this...the other shoe has to drop.

Define moderately. Well, it seems the definition of light to moderate drinking is one drink a day. Huh? In what bar did these people take up residence. Moderate drinking means one In each One, numero uno, flying solo, a lonely glass of your preferred beverage. So much for the good news. The bad news is there is the opposite effect when you drink more than one. uh oh.

And they know this how? See this is where I start taking all these studies with a grain of...barley. I never understood how they can push aside all other factors of genetics, lifestyle choices, area of residence and so on, and tell me as fact that if I have two drinks tonight, someone's gonna find me on the floor in the morning. It's too convenient if you ask me.

Now there are certain studies I do believe in. Like the one about chocolate being a life force...that I could have told them without wasting millions of dollars.  But if your gonna talk to me about bacon or booze, you better come at me with more than a one is good, two will kill me approach.

All this talk has made me thirsty. Gonna grab a second beer. If you don't see another post tomorrow...maybe that study was right.

Or maybe I'm just a little hungover.



  1. boy, it didn't take you long to jump on that. LOL

  2. can i pour you another one end the day proper like