Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Soup...Is It Really?

Not feeling 100% today. Woke up at 3 with a sore throat couldn't fall back to sleep so at 4, I took a shower. Welcome to the life of an insomniac. After the shower, I was able to get another hour of sleep...better than nothing.

Several cups of tea always helps. Funny when you don't feel well your cravings get weird. Soup of course heads the list of "make me feel better" foods. But I never end up with nice homemade soup (who really has it just waiting for the day you really need it?) No, I go with the cheap shit...Cup 'o Noodles. Though in looking at the cup, there is no "o"...just Cup Noodles. You know the dehydrated crap in a styrofoam cup...yum.

It's probably the massive amount of sodium (1060mg to be exact) that does it. It makes you so thirsty you end up drinking gallons of water and poof...your body start to kick ass again. But have you ever looked at the ingredients in it...seriously not a good idea. Chicken soup right?  Well number eight on the ingredient list is powdered chicken...WTF is that? in talcum, pampered chicken; I think not. And quite frankly, I don't think I want to know. I gotta tell you that is one ugly ingredient list.

Now that I have consumed a host of ates, iums and things that are yzed...yes I am beginning to feel better. A cure for what ails me... all it cost was 44 cents and with all the chemicals I've just consumed...a year off my life.

I live in Jersey, you think a little cup of toxic brew is gonna scare me?



  1. I cheated and added diced chicken and some spinach to Ramen oodels of noodles. 910 mils of sodium and two paragraphs of who know's what . But it did the trick for my 18 year old son ill with a cold...go figure !

    Hope you are feeling better......

    1. again the witchy bitch thing happens. why does this not surprise me? leave it to miss foodie to add some good stuff in there, I take mine bare bones baby.

    2. wow,ido that all the time.Its not cheating(enhacinng)the content.Rock on drum mama

    3. you make it so unapetisng.Good snack,especally on weekends when one wants a little tummy yummy

  2. Feel better lady...and in order to do that, I think you should switch to a different soup!! ha

    Truly...feel better my friend!