Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Tebow Effect: Why Us?

Well here we go.

Apparently playing for the Denver Broncos and being as close to heaven as one can be in an NFL city, was not God's ultimate plan for Tim Tebow. Now he will be playing in the swamps of...yeah baby Jersey. Is this where I'm supposed to say "thank you god"? Not feeling like we've exactly been blessed.

For the foreseeable future, my beloved sport... baseball is going to be off the radar in the NYC area. You have no idea how much this pisses me off. It's gonna be non-stop Tebow-Time. How he stinks, how it will affect Mark Sanchez, how the rest of the team feels about it, how the fans are already going ballistic over it. A friend from work is already contemplating losing his NY Jets license plates and floor mats, and repainting his green & white room.

I'm sorry but Derek Jeter has a strained calf...let's get our priorities straight. had your season in the's time to "put me in coach, I'm ready to play."  I need my boys of summer to be front and center. Add in the fact that the NY Knicks have become exciting all of a sudden and the NY Rangers have already clinched a playoff spot...and talk of spring training suddenly becomes an afterthought on the evening sportscasts.

And then here we go with the comparisons of squeaky clean Tebow and GQ man-about town Mark Sanchez. The question does he or doesn't he, will have nothing to do with coloring his hair. And seriously...why do we care? Shouldn't the only person who you should be concerned about whether they're getting any or you?

This whole thing makes me wonder whether this whole trade is God's way of punishing Tebow or the Jets?

Batter up.



  1. agree with most of your astute observations.Tebow does not belong in ny.No pun,ny media will crucify him.Never mind Sanches throwing the first int.Its spring time for bats&gloves

  2. trust me....there is NOTHING that hacks me off more than when sportscasters talk about football during baseball games!!! And I swear the reverse never happens. I never hear about my Reds during a Bengals game. Of course there would need to be heavy-duty alcohol and restraints involved for me to actually sit down and watch a Bengals game!! LOL