Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bitchin' about the weather, again

I like cold weather, really I do. Unless it's really cold, or icy, or wet, or...well there are sometimes that I enjoy the coolness in the air. But it's getting too cold, too fast. Yeah I know, it's November, but we were gypped out of October and I want a do-over. I still want to enjoy a glass of wine or three on my deck, but the nights are getting too short and the temperature is dropping too quickly.

I've been thinking about getting a patio heater just to take the edge off the cold. They have ones now that can sit right on your table and throw down some heat your way. Ah yes, I can feel it now, nice and toasty. Ya gotta love technology these days. Anything you have indoors, they are sure to have an outdoor model, and most outdoor things have a similar product for inside. It's our need for instant gratification...and heat.

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