Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Toilet Paper Conspiracy

Have you noticed the size of a roll of toilet paper lately? A regular roll of TP now looks like a large wad of tissues. Not only has the girth shrunk down to half of what it used to be, the width is at least 1 1/4" shorter than before. I remember it would fit on my holder, and it would almost be filled end to end. Now I can move it back and forth with ease.

Buying regular sized rolls is a joke. They've become like vitamins...One A Day! Now you have double and even triple rolls. When they were first introduced, double rolls barely fit on the holder, now it seems, double rolls are what single rolls used to be. How much smaller can they make it? My theory is eventually they will discontinue regular sized rolls, and double rolls will be the "New, Larger Sized Regular Rolls". More for your money... I doubt it.

And, they're not getting any cheaper. And, do we really have a choice whether to buy or not to buy? I've become a crazy person, buying huge quantities when it's on sale, then trying to fit it someplace.

I just refuse to pay regular price for their regular rolls.

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