Thursday, September 29, 2011

Red Sox Down in Flames: Come Get Some

As I fell asleep last night, the Yankees led Tampa 7-0, and the Red Sox and Baltimore were in a rain delay. Woke up a bit after midnight to see Tampa celebrating on the field. As I tried to wrap my foggy brain around what I was seeing, I came to realize the Yanks had blown the game..which normally would have really pissed me off.

However, last night was a night unlike all others. Indeed, Boston had again crashed and burned. Together with the Tampa win... well Red Sox Nation can go back to rooting for cry baby Tom Brady, as the Sox are stick-a-fork-in-em-DONE. It's a damn shame I say.

So I started the morning doing a jig in Papelbon's honor. While I have no delusion that Yankee pitching will hold up through 3 playoff series, the sheer joy derived from Boston failing to make the playoffs in such dramatic fashion, will be enough to sustain me through the off season.

Red Sox fans can go suck an egg. Playoffs baby!

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