Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Random Thoughts From a Scattered Brain: This Day is Dragging Edition

It's been a while since I did one of these. Just some randomness today.

I am happy to say that I used Certified Organic Cotton Rounds to take off my nail polish today. The thought that I may have used acetate nail polish remover to remove the paint I put on my fingernails, and not used Certified Organic Cotton would be too upsetting for words.

So, soon there will be 250 more emoji added to the unicode keyboard. It will include one of "flipping the bird." Personally I could not be happier, check out my present cover photo on FB as evidence.

People, this quiz thing has gotten out of hand. Yes, they can be amusing. And yes, I have taken a few of them, though you won't find me posting the results on social media, but seriously?

"What kind of girlfriend are you" We should all know who we are.
"What kind of pony are you?" Really?
What piercing fits you best?" If you have twelve already and you don't have the one they suggest... do you really need to get Lucky 13?

And the one that is definitely a must take, because really don't we absolutely need to know
"What kind of sweater are you?"

That's it. This day is dragging, this week is dragging. A scattered mind is a scary thing.


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