Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's February, Why Don't You Own A Snowshovel By Now?

I'm baaack. Was away for a little while, if you hadn't noticed. And, what do I want to talk about? The weather, again. So last weekend the NYC area was supposed to get hit with a major storm, and a lot of the East Coast did get a lot of snow. But here, nothing, nada, not a freaking flake. We normally go to the Poconos most weekends, but with the forecast of a major storm, we stayed home to take care of the property.

So Friday, I normally go food shopping. I expected it to be a bit crowded with the snow and Super Bowl weekend, but Shop Rite was insane. The first mention of snow and people revert back to Pioneer days mentality. Do you not think you'll be able to get out of your house in 24 hours or so? Apparently not, because everyone and his uncle was in the store buying enough milk, juice and water to survive the entire winter.

And the people lining up at Home Depot. It's February...how do you not have a snow shovel by now? It's the Northeast, there is no way you are getting through the winter without the need for a snow shovel!

Now, tonight they are calling for another major storm. This one looks like it might actually drop a lot of snow. Fun. Nice to look at, a pain in the ass to deal with. Whatever, like everything else you just have to deal with it.

Gotta go now, need to go to the store to stock up.

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