Wednesday, November 2, 2011

For my friend, with love

Every friendship is different. Some are light and easy...let's go out for a drink, laugh and enjoy each other's company, but not the type where you bare your soul. Some are more high maintenance, where one person has a drama filled life which they need to suck you into.

Then there are the ones which transend time and space. You know the ones where you might not speak to someone for months at a time, but can still pick up the phone and connect to where you were the last time you spoke. It's a deep bond, one of love and respect. It's a feeling of knowing that in a perfect world you would have more time for each other, but the world will never be perfect and life always seems to get in the way. I have a friend like that.

I write this today because her heart is breaking. She has lost a friend she loved to a tragic accident, and while in touch until the end, missed one last chance to connect with her. Mourn her loss, but take comfort in knowing through all the years, you were there for her. Her life was not easy, at times she was a lost soul. Yet, you always looked out for her, even protected her during her fragile moments.

I've always felt that true friends give what they can to each other. Sometimes friendship is defined by accepting the limitations that come with it. Accept what is offered and return what you can.

Except if you are ending a friendship, one moment in time never determines the relationship. It is built on the days, months and years that have bonded you together. T, find peace in that.

Go with God, Barbara.

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