Thursday, December 1, 2011

Enjoy The Party, But Help Others First

We've all been taught that it's better to give than to receive. But, it's even better to give and receive. has begun its second annual "Feed the hungry, then yourself." food drive, where donations are collected at holiday office parties. Economic conditions have left so many families dependent on the food pantry in their neighborhood for providing their basic needs, and while food banks do what they can, donations are at an all time low...all across the country.

While last year's food drive initiative was really successful, we are starting it a little earlier this year to encourage more companies and individuals to get involved. Here's how to help.

...Talk to your party coordinator about choosing a local food bank for the donations. Announce the food drive in the party invitation or an office email. Send another email the day of the party as a reminder.
...At the party, set an area aside where people can leave their donations. Have volunteers in place beforehand to remove the donations from the party, for delivery to the chosen food pantry.
...Animal shelters and pet pantries are also overwhelmed by the volume of pets given up by families no longer able to care for them. Collecting dog and cat food is another alternative to a food drive, especially if your company is animal friendly.
...Many communities are also in the process of collecting coats for those in need. Collecting warm winter coats, as well as gloves and hats is another way to incorporate a charitable act into a night of fun and celebration.
...Don't forget, charity begins at home. When hosting a Christmas or New Year's Party, encourage guests to bring food items which can be donated to food banks. Isn't that what the holiday spirit is all about?

So, in the next few days, we invite you to send this blog post to anyone and everyone you know. Let's make it go viral. If we can get even 10% of the people who read this to initiate a food drive at their holiday party, so many families will be helped by one small act of kindness.

SOCIAL NETWORKERS: Use Facebook and MySpace to spread the message:
Encourage your company to accept food items at your holiday party for donation to a local food pantry. Click on the link below for details.
"At Your Holiday Party, Feed The Hungry, Then Yourself ."

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