Saturday, December 31, 2011

No Resolutions

End of the year...time to reflect?  Not really.  Was it a great  It wasn't too bad, I don't ask for much.  Regrets...just waiting until yesterday to renew my car registration.  Yes, I've had the renewal for over a month, could have renewed online at any time...but didn't.   So as I stood outside in line with about 50 other people, we all asked each other why we were there.  My response was "because I'm an idiot."  Funny how people tend to agree all too quickly to a statement like that.

Did get back to a bunch of things that are enjoyable...I think I'll keep those to myself.  While making resolutions is pretty much a waste of those precious brain cells that seem to dwindle so easily lately, here are a couple of thoughts for the new year:

Laugh more...I tend to find joy in a lot of things, so this one could be difficult.
Drink might help with the laugh thing.
Suffer fools gladly...let me scratch that one right now.  ain't gonna happen,
Know when to back down...yeah, but then the jersey attitude comes out and I get up in your face.
Sleep well...maybe #2 will help with that
Accept who I am...already have and if you can't...not my  freakin' problem (see what I mean about the jersey attitude)

Live well, love better and remember...the joy's in the ride.

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