Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Gets It Wrong...Again

Every year when the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame announces its inductees, I generally feel the need to vent. This year is no different. I mean...seriously WTF?

The two bands featuring women who definitely know the meaning of ROCK were denied entrance into the Hall. While Joan Jett & the Blackhearts were not the band I rushed to see back in the day, you cannot deny the influence they had. They made it acceptable to be a bad ass female musician.

But more than the Blackhearts fiasco, how do the Wilson sisters not be inducted? With a catalogue that is both extensive and insanely successful, Heart led the way with soaring vocals, some really memorable guitar licks and a great stage show. They "knocked down the wailin' wall," showing how much fun it was to be women rockers, able to stand up with any other band out there.

And, don't forget, these bands started rockin' when it was one big boy's club.

We all want to take the R&R Hall seriously, but every year it seems the joke is on us.

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