Tuesday, December 27, 2011

One More Christmas To Remember

I guess since this year I was a lot more naughty than nice, Santa bypassed my house.  The reindeer left some presents behind though. 

So, as usual, Christmas Eve was at Mom & Dad's.  With time passing, each year together becomes more precious.  Three years since her war with cancer, Mom still does almost the entire meal...without ever complaining about the aches, pains, fatigue and stiffness that make daily life such a joy. 

Dad's walk has slowed so much, a snail would beat him by a mile.  Breaks my heart to see a man once so agile, become a shadow about to fade away.  A man who at 80, fell off a second story roof (a story for another day) and only received a few bruises...thus earning the name "Spiderman" from the staff at the ER.  But the six years since have taken the spryness and left a tired soul.

The noise level at the table was as loud as I could remember, though most of the family thought last year was louder.  Last year they weren't quite as deaf, I say.  My family is one where we all think that what we have to say is priceless, so you better be louder than the person sitting next to you...if you want to be heard. 

Too quickly the moment is gone...leaving behind only the memory of one more Christmas where the food was great, the wine delicious and the family intact.  Santa, if you're listening...that's all I want for Christmas again next year.

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  1. May all your wishes come true! Sounds like my family which Adrian has dubbed "The Knights of the Roundtable." Happy and Healthy! g and co.