Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Cookies: The Marathon Begins

It's time to bake the cookies. 

The joy of Christmas cookies is in the eating, not the baking. 

While it is fun to have a glass of wine or four while baking, it does tend to screw up the measuring process.  Having friends or family to help is also fun, but they tend to become bored after the second batch or so.  Then you end up in the kitchen...alone, with flour everywhere and an empty bottle of wine.  Luckily, that can be corrected.

This year, the plan is for at least 7 or 8 different types of cookies.  Tasty indeed, but exhausting to even think about.  After they are baked, they need to be separated into tins for friends and family...all those people who get to eat them without any work involved.  Nuts for this person, no nuts for that one.  It's like separating leftovers from a Thanksgiving dinner for traveling care packages...a giant pain in the ass.

However, everyone seems to enjoy them and so this weekend there will be cookie dough, sprinkles and chocolate chips in every grout line of my tile floor...along with a few empty wine bottles.

ho ho ho.

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