Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Little Wind to Clear The Mind

I love windy days.

I especially love being able to go for a long walk on a windy day. Now I'm not talking gale force winds, just nice strong breezes. Today is one of those days. After a week of real crap weather, this afternoon the sky turned blue and the winds which were so ugly yesterday in the rain, today were perfect.

The day began with a lot of cooking, preparing a few meals for the week, and getting ready for this afternoon's barbecue. All went relatively well until it was time to do some tech shit. Now dealing with computer issues was never my strong suit and it seemed like everything that could get screwed up, did. iTunes wouldn't even recognize me. Let's just say I was not in a good mood... actually, I was in a pretty foul mood.

So I grabbed the phone, the camera and walked out the door. We haven't been up to the lake in two weeks and the change in scenery is remarkable. As I've said before, spring comes late up here, and the last time we were here there were barely a few buds on the trees. Two weeks later, they are in full bloom and green is everywhere.

The temperature was just right for a long stroll, and as I was walking alone the company couldn't have been better. It being a holiday weekend, a lot of part-timers are up for the first time since last fall. But all in all, the lake was quiet and my mood lightened considerably.

On the last hill before home, I found a dollar bill. Completely flat on the ground, it was surprising with the wind, that I would find it. It seems my day will end on a good note.

Hope yours does too.



  1. the wind cries mary

  2. "and as I was walking alone the company couldn't have been better" - no it could not be! Nor on my bike ride as I too enjoyed the wind in a good way :)

    1. great minds think alike... glad you enjoyed as well.