Monday, May 20, 2013

Road Trip Blues: A Diary for the Musically Inclined

So where to begin  telling the story of the weekend?

yeah, I'm officially a player
Another road trip, this time two states north to Connecticut and the Mohegan Sun Casino. A weekend of gambling... I think not. As usual, it's about the music. This time to see some old friends play and do an interview with one of the band.  For this adventure, the Drum Mama was riding shotgun... the best partner-in-crime on the planet.

We met up before 10 in the morning, both of us antsy to get the weekend started. Now, being from Jersey, we don't pump gas... ever. I've mentioned before that even with traveling through a hell of a lot of states, I've never been the one to actually fill the tank. Didn't plan on it Saturday either. What I did plan was to pick her up and fill up the tank right before we left Jersey and have plenty of fuel for the round trip.

The only problem is when we get together, we tend to talk a little lot and... well the best laid plans and all that. When I actually looked at the gas gauge and saw I had a quarter tank, I was just about over the Connecticut state line. As traumatizing as that was, I knew I had no choice but to keep driving, knowing full well my lifelong record of never touching a fuel pump was about to end.

Well, that wasn't the only first that day. I had also never been to a Casino before. Never had any interest even though we do have a town called Atlantic City a little south of here. I still don't have any interest, and I actually didn't even touch a slot machine until after midnight on Saturday. Working from home, I don't have a lot of outside influences in my day-to-day life. The noise and visual stimulation of the casino were way more than I needed, especially with the bit of drama occurring with the interview. For a while, I thought it might not happen, but in the end it all worked out and was more than what I could have hoped.

Anyway, if it was up to me, I probably would not have put a buck into the machines, but the Drum Mama would not hear of it. So, we played, I watched the machines quickly suck my cash and I was only too happy to go back upstairs, unwind, digest the whole evening and have a drink.

All in all, the show was terrific, the working end for me was very gratifying and the company as usual, couldn't be beat. It's always fun when your traveling companion has a bartender's license, not to mention manages to think of everything. BTW, we don't travel light, we travel prepared.

As beautiful as the hotel and casino were, I don't think I'll ever be a fixture at the slot machines. I can't tell you how disappointed my mother is in me.

There's a lot more coming about the weekend: a review of the show and the interview will be posted, hopefully in a few days. And look at the Music blog for a post called Almost Showtime for a preview of both.


  1. I don't gamble. AT ALL. I lost 123 bucks in a "friendly" poker game in 1993 and swore it off forever. I mean, I'll play cards with friends but for nothing major.

    I love road trips and I'll even visit a casino like you but gambling makes me itch.

    Can;'t wait to read the review.

  2. The funny thing is I don't mind other kinds of gambling, lottery, horses, cards. But for some reason, this has no appeal for me. Trying to get all my reviews and interview together, running on fumes and running out of time.