Friday, June 21, 2013

This is Not How I Get Down and Dirty

So who subscribes to Amazon's daily local deals? If you don't, it's like Groupon where every day they email you the deals of the day.

Some of them are great, we actually found a new good local restaurant and ate at half price while doing it. I've shopped in a kitchen store and bought stuff I didn't need because I bought a coupon for $20 and got $40 worth of said stuff. And I have a coupon for a wine tasting that I am waiting to redeem sometime next month. Fun.

Then there's also the toe fungus offers, the spa offers, the gutter cleanings and on and on. I'm still thinking about the Cupcake tour in NYC. A two hour tour with six tastings. Now cupcakes are an almost perfect food. So many varieties from which to choose, and an ideal sized dessert... or meal. Whatever. But six tastings in two hours? Even for my sugar addicted body, that might be a bit much.

The latest offer is one which doesn't have a chance in hell of being purchased. For $29, I can register in the Out-Fit Challenge Mud Run. Are you freakin' kidding me? I need to pay to run a 5K race with military-style obstacles, which includes mud, water, ice and fire. Now this is scheduled for next weekend so the ice thing seems a little weird. Fire and mud however, are deal breakers. Ok, so is the 5K part.

Here are a few of the selling points:

  • Costumes encouraged, but expect to get those costumes dirty
  • Look out for obstacles like the "Cherry Picker" and "Hello Sailor"
  • Meet new friends and the Muddy Go-Go Boy
Did I mention it is the first national LGBT mud run? That might have something to do with the sailors and costumes, but I digress.

Now I have some tentative plans for next weekend, but even if I didn't, almost anything, including giving the dog a bath sounds better than a mud run. Especially when you need to pay an insurance fee, which they give back to you... if you don't have a reason to need it.

Guess, I'll go back and see what other coupons are being offered. Oh look, two hours of house-cleaning for $35. For an extra six bucks, I get a clean house, I don't have to run a 5K and there's no mud involved. I think we have a winner.



  1. flashback to basic training in army.those mud runs&other groovy things only cost me 3 years of my life

  2. I want to do this and see you do this.


    I like it when Freddie stops by

    1. the cows will be tucked into bed before I even consider doing this. there is nothing about it which says "gee I've just gotta do that." um, no.

      I'll tell him you said so.

  3. I'm with you Kat. My sister and brother in law used to play mud volleyball every year. They'd tape their shoes so they wouldn't slip and fall constantly. Madness. And my family thinks I'm the zany one. ;)

  4. I didn't like playing in the mud when I was 5, especially don't like it when I have to wash the muddy clothes. I know what it's like being the "zany" one. I think of it as creative.