Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Doodle, A Story and Something to Help the Animals

If you like kids or animals, keep reading. If you don't, keep reading anyway. You're here, you might as well see what's up.

Earlier this year, a writer friend of mine, Jim Wood and his friend Michele Quinn, wrote and illustrated a children's book. It was called "Doodle" and is a children's story about a girl and her dog and their journey exploring the world around them. At the time, the daughter of a dear friend of Michele's was fighting for her life. Jim and Michele decided at that point to donate all royalties from the book to a fund to help defray the cost of Ashley's medical care. Nice people doing a nice thing. And it worked.

Well, now Jim and Michele are at it again. Doodle the dog is about to return in the next installment titled "Doodle Meets the Pound Pup." Once again they have decided to donate profits, this time to an animal shelter, and they need our help. If you know of an Animal Shelter or Rescue Organization you feel needs and deserves to be the recipient of this donation, check out Jim's website, for all the info.

If you don't know of an organization to nominate, please share or link this post, or Jim's website to someone who might.

Like I said before, nice people doing a nice thing. Least we can do is give them a hand.

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  1. That is awesome! What area of the country are they in?

    1. Jim is in Eastern PA and Michele is in Ohio...maybe. I'm sure I'll hear about it if it's not Ohio. But they will consider shelters anywhere in the country. Give Jim a yell through his website.

    2. Thanks! I'll share that info!

  2. cool...I will notify folks I know who will dig this, bigtime

    congrats to them

  3. Now a little creativity always helps! Thanks for sharing, kat.

  4. Thank you Michelle, we all do what we can.