Thursday, September 26, 2013

True Colors Shining Through

Yes, it's been a while.

I've been writing... a lot. Here, and here, and here. And in some places that are not visible yet. Just not here.

Honestly, I've been so busy writing that I haven't done anything worth writing about. But seeing as that hasn't stopped me before, I thought I'd put down a few words today.

We came up to the weekend house last night and will stay through Sunday. That my friends, is a very good thing. While there's always stuff to do, the atmosphere is so relaxing, and beautiful... especially at this time of year. Somehow between catching up on computer tasks and starting to get a few things in order for the approaching cold weather, the day flew by. I did manage to get in a walk around the lake though, and things are changing.

The critters are active. Squirrels and chipmunks are darting everywhere. They are looking very busy and that makes me very nervous. Last winter wasn't half bad and I am hoping for the same this year.

With a few exceptions, like the big red oak in the backyard, the trees are just beginning their color dance. For the most part just the yellows are showing. The ground cover of ferns, wildflowers, and cattails used to blend as a green blanket, but now are each taking on their own hues.

Bad Mushroom
While I was walking, I was also on a hunt. According to Big George the Mushroom Man, this is the time of year for the prized Hen of the Woods to appear. Now in order to find these, you need A) to know what you are looking for because bringing the wrong ones home could mean a trip to the ER and/or morgue. B) the right weather, which we haven't had just yet and C) the right tree that they grow on. It seems they prefer dead oak. I prefer my wine to be fermented in dead oak, but I digress.

There were no mushrooms, no cars and no people. Just a nice and peaceful 45 minutes. It started with Bruce singing "Human Touch" and ended with some blues from Beth Hart. I could not have planned it better.

And tomorrow I get to do it again.


  1. yep its that time of the year,season is changing&its pretty.spring and fall are my fave times of year.we used to go up north years ago,the colors in new hampshire are breathtaking about now.miss the white mountains