Saturday, December 22, 2012

Smiling Again

It is 9 pm Saturday before Christmas. The oven is finally off after another full day of baking. I need to do the filling for a double batch of cookies in the morning, and separate the ten varieties into the individual tins. Later tomorrow, on the way home from the Poconos, I will make three stops and drop some off. I am tired and not nearly as intoxicated as I would have hoped.

Thought I would share a little more holiday cheer since I won't be sharing any cookies with you. There have been a few weird sightings on the roads lately. Last week, the Drum Mamma told me of something she saw up in NW New Jersey, and a few days later I saw basically the same thing going through the Lincoln Tunnel leaving Manhattan. On both occasions we saw cars with lit Menorahs on the roof...fairly large Menorahs, with the correct number of lights on, for the specific night of Chanukkah.

Then there's this. Again, the Drum Mamma caught sight of this guy on an old motorcycle with Santa riding shotgun in the sidecar. Apparently this guy was flying on the backroads with the Drum Mamma hellbent on getting a picture of him. He blew past a cop doing over 60 in a 50 MPH zone and the Drum Mamma saw the cop just laugh. That was when she decided to slow down before the cop stopped smiling.

And last on the list, another great birthday card, this one from "the uncle."  It shows a Mariachi Band and when you open it up, it plays the Mexican Hat Dance. If you know my sense of humor, well, it's just perfect.

So, Christmas cookies are just about done, the holiday is almost here. It's nice to end off the year with something to smile about. Hope you are smiling too.


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