Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pretty, Yes... But It's sNOw Fun


Oh it's so beautiful. Yeah it is unless you need to shovel it. Unless you need to dig out your car from almost two feet of it and unless you need to travel in it. sucks.

It snowed all night and yes it did look beautiful as I got ready to walk the dog. Oh yeah, that's another time when snow isn't so beautiful. That morning walk before anyone has shoveled their sidewalks and you have to walk in the street. Only the dog doesn't like to walk in the street and it's tug-of-war time.

There are still strong winds and the sun has yet to make an appearance. Usually the time when people are digging out is one of great camaraderie. A few inches of snow, everyone smiles at each other and discusses the clean-up process. Not so today. The gray morning and the mammoth undertaking that awaited did not exactly put a smile on anyone's face.

The sidewalk and stairs are done, soon it will be time to find the car under the mountain of snow in the driveway. Once that's done, people who live in the snow zone know that's about the time when you start to get antsy. We've been in the house since yesterday, the roads are cleared, the car is cleaned off...where can we go?

It's also about that time, when the dog starts to follow me around the house and I know where I'll be going next. Apparently, she gets a little stir crazy too.

Boots on.


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