Friday, February 8, 2013

The Blizzard of 2013: Weather We Want It Or Not

Cell phone is charging, beer is in the fridge. I think I've done all I can in anticipation of the "Blizzard of '13."

I'm sorry but is someone in charge not paying attention. This is the Northeast. We have already had one natural disaster for the year in the form of Hurricane Sandy. We are now in waiting mode for the biggest Nor'easter of the century...or so they say. Three days ago we were predicted to get a few inches.

Enough with the drama. People have plans, we don't need this shit

Yesterday afternoon the ace weatherpeople said the snow/ice mix would begin very early in the AM. So I battled the zoo at Shop Rite last night instead of dealing with the lunatics AND the weather in the morning. Guess what, so far...nothing.

Oh, it's coming, I don't think they're wrong about that, but now it seems the timing will eat into a lot more of the weekend than we first thought. So, we sit and wait and look out the window for the signs that the most recent Snowmaggedon has arrived.

Now, let us pray to the technology gods that we don't lost power or internet.

Happy shoveling.



  1. We are here on Eastern Long Island, so we expect some pretty hairy weather too. We have EVERYTHING stocked up and ready to go... except beer I gotta get beer.

    Good luck.

    1. You forgot beer? Unless you finished it all last night, it is inexcusable. Good luck to you too.


  2. Kat, as you already know beer and vino on the top of our list in NW least if the power goes out we can keep things cold in the snow drifts....

    Stay save everyone....... :-)

  3. snowblower ready beer cold,the waiting is the hardest part.good luck to all