Thursday, July 11, 2013

Oh Baby

Just a short little post this morning about one of the many things that annoy me.

I love getting the feeds where you find out quickly all that is new and happening and exciting. You get everything that might be of interest to you, and it saves so much time. So you see a story you might be interested in and click on it. In my case this morning, it was an article about the most popular kids names of 2013.

aw, how cute.
I don't have kids, at my age I'm not all that interested in reading all the parenting advice out there, and I grow weary of seeing 10,00 photos of happy, sad, cake-covered, sleeping, crying, and yes, even swimming babies. Don't send me email, it is what it is. I make no apologies. There was a reason I chose not to have kids and that is... they don't really excite me. There I've said it. If I kind of know you, I'll take a look at your pics, but if I really don't, please don't take offense, it's not your child... it's me.

Anyway, aside from not having a interest in most things child-like, I have always been fascinated by what names are popular. I don't know why. So today I get a link to the most popular baby names of 2013 and I am interested enough to take a look. And then I see it. It's a damn slideshow... of names. Twenty-two slides of ten girls and ten boys names. Which leaves two extra for what I assume will be advertising. These are the days when I miss reading a newspaper. Can you not just give me a list? I don't have the time or honestly, that much interest to go through twenty-two slides.

So instead of clicking through twenty-two slides of twenty names, I closed it out and decided to come over here and bitch about it. I figure at some point that list may show up on the news or another website where I can just scroll down and see them.

Or if any of you find it, just send it over. I'll be sitting here looking at something that's much easier to read. Probably not child-related.



  1. I hate slide shows for the sake of more "hits". They PISS me off. Also. I will never show you any pictures of my cake covered kid. I don't have any. I'm a terrible mother. I mostly take pictures of myself. :)

  2. Nothing is worth going through all of that. And a few pics of kids is fine, but seriously when people post 127 photos of their kid in a sandbox, I just want to scream. Happy Birthday, please eat some cake.