Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Guest Post...sort of.

This week I have been dealing with some personal issues, so writing has been a little hard to do. As I write this, I am sitting in the hospital with a family member (what did we do before wifi) and waiting on the results of the latest blood work. It's stressful. You come in with one problem and pick up another one. Such is the way of healthcare.

So while my brain is a little fuzzy, my eyes tired and my patience thin, I'd like to post something from a fellow blogger whose work is always so right on the mark. You should read him. Often.

His blog is "As Long As I'm Singing," his name is t and below is a post from the other day which is just brilliant in what it says, how he says it and the message it delivers. Another child has died because of bullying. How much more senseless can a death be?  Please read it, visit his blog and leave a comment.

Rest In Peace

My youngest son, the heel-hoofing beautiful boy I recently “spoke” to my dad about, has a particular way of kissing me good night.
First he kisses my lips. Then my right ear. Then my left. And then my lips once more – presumably for good measure.
He kisses me good night in this fashion precisely each and every day, and last night was no exception.
Last night, however, I became painfully aware that while my 12 year old boy was kissing me good night, another father could very well have been kissing his 12 year old boy goodbye for the last time.
My heart goes out to the parents, family and friends of Bailey O’Neill. I can not fathom the pain they must be feeling at this time, and I pray for their shared peace.
People, this shit has simply got to stop already. We have got to come to grips with the fact that we are not a nation of gun-totin’ John Wayne macho men walking off into the sunset – we are a nation of people. Living, breathing, loving – and sometimes hurting – people. None of us is any better than the rest, by mere incidence of physical appearance, skin color, sexual orientation, religious practice or social position.  God damn us for thinking anything otherwise.
A 12 year old boy died yesterday because we as a people not only allow bullying to occur, but have almost put the practice onto a pedestal of sorts, praising the “tough guy” while belittling the peace maker.
My son, my children, are no strangers to bullying. They have each learned to cope in their own fashion, with a sin that is upon us all. They have each learned to deal with this barbaric rite – a rite that no one should ever have live with, let alone die from.
Bailey, I am sorry that we allowed this to happen to you. I am so sorry.
People, this shit has simply got to stop already. Let’s get to work.


  1. You honor me Kat. My thanks, and my wishes of peace to you and yours at this time.


  2. we are honored by your writing. thanks so much t.


  3. My heart is breaking as i read this blog......hit very close to home as our son was a victim of this horrible senseless act during his middle school years.

    It has to stop.... our school systems need to step up to the plate and wake up it is happening all around us !

  4. Growing up, we all went through stuff. We were too fat, too skinny, too nerdy, whatever it was. Kids were unkind but not like it is now where bullies are actually obsessed with making life miserable for their target. And t is right, we praise the tough guy who often turns into the bully, and paint the peacemaker as weak. It needs to change.